Unconscionably excessive definition

Unconscionably excessive means there is a gross disparity between the seller's price of a good or service offered for sale or sold in the usual course of business during the 30 days immediately prior to the governor's declaration of an abnormal market disruption and the seller's price of the same or similar good or service after the
Unconscionably excessive means a price that represents a gross
Unconscionably excessive means a price that represents a gross disparity between the price of an energy resource when compared to the highest price such energy resource was sold or offered for sale by the seller in the usual course of business during the seven days immediately prior to the declaration by the Governor of an energy resource market disruption emergency pursuant to subsection (e) of this section.

Examples of Unconscionably excessive in a sentence

  • The term includes replacement costs, credit card 2 costs, taxes and transportation costs.3 * * *4 ["Unconscionably excessive." A price is unconscionably5 excessive when the amount charged represents a gross disparity6 between the price of the consumer goods or services and the7 price at which the consumer goods or services were sold or8 offered for sale within the chain of distribution in the usual9 course of business seven days immediately prior to the state of10 disaster emergency.]11 Section 2.

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