Top Handler definition

Top Handler means an offroad truck-like cargo container handler that uses an overhead telescopic boom to lift empty or loaded cargo containers by grabbing the top of the containers; also referred to as "top pick."

Examples of Top Handler in a sentence

  • In Top Handler, Side Handler and Reach Stacker or RTG operations, containers of different lengths shall not be stowed in the same bay.

  • The resources required for the production of information are available within Directorate resources.

  • II-24 II-18 Rough Terrain Container Handler and Top Handler ....................................

  • In this case a journalist accused the applicant of (indirectly) participating in the assassination of a former chief prosecutor.

  • Rough Terrain Container Handler and Top Handler II-25foot, or 40-foot) are placed on the forks of the RTCH to allow for handling the three different lengths of ISO containers.

  • Horsepower, loads, and activity for evaluated cargo handling equipment types Top Handler EER values for non-yard truck CHE were estimated by combining the data presented in Table 1 with the function presented in Figure 1.

  • Sheriff Tracy also commented on the prestigious award of Top Dog and Top Handler of the West recently awarded to officers within the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

  • In its first motion for summary judgment, A&B Fleet Services argued that no causal connection existed between its alleged negligent conduct, i.e. attaching Top Handler #102 to a Hi-lift without indicator lights, and Kealoha's injuries.The Circuit Court granted A&B Fleet Services' First Motion for Summary Judgment, concluding thatthere is no genuine issue of material fact in dispute and that [A&B Fleet Services] is entitled to judgment as amatter of law.

  • Kealoha appeals from this Judgment.DISCUSSIONKealoha argues that the Circuit Court erred in determining on summary judgment that (1) A&B Fleet Services did not owe him any legal duty of care with respect to its conduct in attaching Top Handler #102 to Hi-Lift #215; and (2) that there was no causal connection between A&B Fleet Services' alleged negligence and Kealoha's injury.We review a trial court's grant or denial of summary judgment de novo, Querubin v.

  • The Top Handler #102/Hi- Lift #215 combination, however, did not permit the use of indicator lights.The service manual for Top Handler #102 specifically lists Hi-Lift models that were compatible with Top Handler #102, and Hi-Lift #215 not among the models listed.

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