Definition of Term Balance

Term Balance means, at any time, the then aggregate outstanding principal amount of the Term Loans.
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Examples of Term Balance in a sentence

Any Prevailing Bidder must supply an End of Term Balance and Estimated Resale Value within thirty (30) days of the termination of any vehicle lease under a Financing Program.
Offerors shall supply End of Term Balance at the end of the agreed term.
GmbH loan to employee: 94 Employee Name Amount Start Date Term Balance Milica Mehovic DM 2,000.00 6-3-96 4 months DM500.00 95 EXHIBIT A 96 EXHIBIT A to the Bridge Credit Agreement FORM OF BORROWING REQUEST Citicorp Venture Capital, Ltd.
Applicable Fee Rate means, at any time, the percentage rate per annum at which facility fees are accruing on the Aggregate Revolving Credit Commitment (without regard to usage) and the Term Balance and LC Fees are accruing or are required to be paid on outstanding Facility LCs, in each case at such time as set forth in the Pricing Schedule.
Term: Balance of previous member's term, ie until June 2000 Commences: Upon appointment Reason For Vacancy: Previous member was not re-elected in May 1999 Local Government elections.