Definition of Term Balance

Term Balance means, at any time, the then aggregate outstanding principal amount of the Term Loans.

Examples of Term Balance in a sentence

Applicable Fee Rate means, at any time, the percentage rate per annum at which facility fees are accruing on the Aggregate Revolving Credit Commitment (without regard to usage) and the Term Balance and LC Fees are accruing or are required to be paid on outstanding Facility LCs, in each case at such time as set forth in the Pricing Schedule.
Term Balance" means the lesser of (i) the amount of principal outstanding under this Note as of the Revolving Commitment Termination Date, or (ii) eighty percent (80%) of the Maker's Eligible Accounts existing on the Revolving Commitment Termination Date.
Any amendment or waiver affecting to any material extent the rights of the following groups of Lenders shall require the prior written consent of one hundred percent (100%) of such group of Lenders, as appropriate: (i) the Multi-Year Balance Banks, (ii) the Short-Term Balance Banks, (iii) the Multi-Year Swing Line Lenders, and (iv) the Short-Term Swing Line Lenders.