Definition of Term B Funding Date

Term B Funding Date means the date on which the Term B Facility is funded pursuant to Section 2.14(e)(iii)(C), which in any event shall not be later than 90 days following the Closing Date.

Examples of Term B Funding Date in a sentence

The date of making the New Term B Loans is referred to as the "New Term B Funding Date".
As of the New Term B Funding Date, all applicable waiting periods with respect to the Contadina Acquisition and the issuance and sale of the Parent Bridge Notes (or, if applicable, Parent Discount Notes issued in lieu thereof) will have expired without any action being taken by any competent Governmental Authority which restrains, prevents or imposes material adverse conditions upon the consummation of any such transaction.
New Term B Funding Date - see Section 5.4. New Term B Lender means each financial institution signatory hereto as a "New Term B Lender." New Term B Loan - see subsection 2b).
After the making of the New Term B Loans on the New Term B Funding Date, the commitments of the Lenders to make New Term B Loans shall be deemed to be zero.
Subject to the terms and conditions herein and therein, the Term B Loans will be funded on the Term B Funding Date pursuant to an Incremental Amendment in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 2.14.