Definition of Term B Facility Lenders

Term B Facility Lenders means (a) on the Closing Date, the Lenders having Term B Facility Commitments on Annex A-3 hereof and (b) thereafter, the Lenders from time to time holding any Incremental Term B Loan Commitments and/or Term B Facility Loans, as the case may be, after giving effect to any assignments thereof permitted by Section 13.05(b). -50- SD\1343173.28

Examples of Term B Facility Lenders in a sentence

Borrower hereby promises to pay to --------------------- Administrative Agent for the pro rata accounts of the Term B Facility Lenders, -------- in repayment of the principal of the Term B Facility Loans, on each date set forth on Schedule 3.01(b), the amount set forth opposite such date in such ---------------- Schedule 3.01(b) (subject to adjustment for any prepayments made under Section ---------------- 2.09 or Section 2.10 to the extent actually made).