Definition of Term A-3 Lenders

Term A-3 Lenders means the Persons listed on Schedule 2.1(a) and any other Person that shall have become a party hereto pursuant to an Assignment and Assumption or an Assumption Agreement in respect of any Term A-3 Loans, other than any such Person that ceases to be a party hereto pursuant to an Assignment and Assumption.
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Examples of Term A-3 Lenders in a sentence

Borrower hereby promises to pay Administrative Agent for the account of the Incremental Term A-3 Lenders with Incremental Term A-3 Loans in repayment of the principal of such Incremental Term A-3 Loans in accordance with Section 3.01(d) and Annex D of the Credit Agreement (in each case, as amended hereby).
The Incremental Term A-3 Commitments of the Incremental Term A-3 Lenders shall be automatically and permanently reduced to $0 upon the making of the Incremental Term A-3 Lenders Incremental Term A-3 Loans pursuant to Section 2.01(i).
AGREEMENTS In consideration of the foregoing and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Holdings, the Company, the Borrowers, the Replacement Term A-2 Lenders, the Replacement Term A-3 Lenders, the Revolving Lenders and the Administrative Agents hereby agree as follows: ARTICLE I.
Each Continuing Term A-3 Lender's Replacement Term A-3 Commitment inclusive of its Converted Term A-3 Loans are set forth on the Term A-3 Loan Refinancing Allocation Schedule.
The Incremental Term A-3 Loan Commitment of each Incremental Term A-3 Lender is in addition to such Incremental Term A-3 Lenders existing Loans and Commitments under the Credit Agreement, if any, which shall continue and, immediately after giving effect to the amendments contemplated hereby, will be subject in all respects to the terms of the Credit Agreement (and, in each case, the other Credit Documents).