Definition of Tendered Cash

Tendered Cash means, in respect of an Unpaid Claim, cash which the Sellers' Representative deposits with the Escrow Agent as Escrow Share Property and specifies in a notice given to the Escrow Agent and the Buyer on or before the date of such deposit that such cash is to be available for distribution to the Buyer at such time as the liquidation of Escrow Share Property in respect of such claim would otherwise be required pursuant to this Agreement; provided that the amount of such cash is at least equal to the amount of such Unpaid Claim.
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Examples of Tendered Cash in a sentence

To the extent the Sellers' Representative deliver to the Escrow Agent Tendered Cash pursuant to clause (ii)(2) above, the Escrow Agent shall use such Tendered Cash to satisfy the obligation of the Sellers' Representative pursuant to Section I.3(a), (b) or (c), as the case may be.
Any deposit of Tendered Cash must be made by no later than three (3) Business Days prior to the applicable payment date, and must be preceded or accompanied by a written notice to each of the Escrow Agent and the Buyer specifying the payment to which the Tendered Cash relates.
The Sellers' Representative will have the right to deposit with the Escrow Agent additional cash to be used in partial or full satisfaction of any amounts that otherwise would be payable out of the Stock Escrow Amount pursuant to the provisions of Sections 4(a), 4(b), and 8(b) ("Tendered Cash").