Definition of Tenant Parking

Tenant Parking means the number of permits to park passenger automobiles in the Parking Facilities which are to be issued to Tenant pursuant to paragraph 2.4, and as specified in the Basic Lease Provisions.
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Examples of Tenant Parking in a sentence

Tenant's right to use the Common Areas and Tenant Parking Area for the purposes intended is subject to and conditioned upon Tenant's compliance with such reasonable rules and regulations as may be established from time to time.
Without limitation of the foregoing, Tenant shall not park or store any trailers on, or conduct truck loading and unloading activities in the Tenant Parking Area designated for car parking or in the Common Areas in a manner that unreasonably disturbs, disrupts or prevents the use of the Common Areas or other parking areas serving the Building by Landlord, other tenants or licensees or other persons entitled to use the Common Areas or other parking areas serving the Building.
Levy Parking Area" (hereinafter the "Tenant Parking Area"), as parking for its employees, customers and other invitees, however, Tenant, its employees, customers and other invitees shall not be permitted to use any other parking areas on the Property.
Subject to the parking rules and regulations attached hereto as Exhibit "D," as such may be amended from time to time (the "Parking Rules and Regulations"), Tenant shall have the right to use fifty six (56) unreserved surface uncovered parking spaces in the Common Area (the "Tenant Parking Spaces").
Tenant agrees to limit its use of the Automobile Parking Area tot he number and type of parking spaces specified in the subsection entitled "Tenant Parking Spaces" in Section I.