Definition of TDSF

TDSF means TDS Franchising, LLC, a California limited liability company.
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Examples of TDSF in a sentence

All such materials shall be submitted to the individual so designated by TDSF.
TDSF and/or certain of its Affiliates have issued and/or may in the future issue Gift Cards, including, by way of illustration and not limitation, a stored value card or gift card ("Disney Stored Value Cards"), by which customers can store (i.e., prepay) cash value that can be redeemed for or used as a method of payment to purchase a variety of products and services offered by TDSF and its Affiliates.
Licensee shall determine the manner in which any Required Product will be marketed and advertised in the Facilities, the Internet Store and/or in the general marketplace, subject to the approval of TDSF in its business judgment.
Licensee shall neither acquire nor assert any rights in or to the Operating Manual and, without limiting the foregoing, Licensee hereby assigns to TDSF all rights created by its use of the Operating Manual, together with the goodwill attaching to that part of Licensees business in connection with which the Operating Manual is used.
Staff went a step further and evaluated the TDSF maximum as it would apply to a 6 acre property developed with 20 units per acre (as proposed with an Affordable Housing Overlay District in the Draft Housing Element Update) and determined the following: 6 acres x 20 units per acre = 120 units 11 , 172 square feet /120 units = 93.1 square feet per unit Constructing a 93 square foot unit is not feasible as a habitable unit and would not meet the minimum size restriction discussed above.