Definition of TCEH Unsecured Ad Hoc Group

TCEH Unsecured Ad Hoc Group means that certain Ad Hoc Group of TCEH Unsecured Noteholders made up of Holders of TCEH Unsecured Notes.
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Examples of TCEH Unsecured Ad Hoc Group in a sentence

On May 30, 2014, the TCEH Unsecured Ad Hoc Group filed a supplemental omnibus objection.
The Case Protocol Order also provided that the TCEH Unsecured Ad Hoc Group agreed not to seek, or support any other party in seeking, either directly or indirectly, an examiner or trustee for any acts or omissions of the Debtors that occurred prior to the entry of the Case Protocol Order.
The Debtors resolved the objections of the TCEH Unsecured Ad Hoc Group and the TCEH Committee by, among other things, including additional language reserving the rights of parties in interest to dispute the validity, amount, or priority of intercompany claims, including on account of the Shared Services Agreements and Tax Sharing Agreements, and agreeing to provide additional reporting of certain intercompany transactions.
The TCEH Unsecured Ad Hoc Group asserted, among other things, that the use of Prepetition First Lien Creditors' cash collateral was tailored to complement the financing, as a further step in the direction of handing the TCEH Debtors over to the Prepetition First Lien Creditors.
The Case Protocol Order provides, among other things, authorization for disinterested directors at EFH, EFIH, and EFCH/TCEH to retain separate advisors with respect to conflicts matters, in consultation with the TCEH Committee, the indenture trustee for the TCEH Second Lien Notes, and the TCEH Unsecured Ad Hoc Group, subject to the approval of the Bankruptcy Court.