Unsecured Claims definition

Unsecured Claims means claims which are not secured by any property of the Debtor’s Estate and which are not part of any other class defined in this Plan.
Unsecured Claims means Claims that are not secured by any Lien;

Examples of Unsecured Claims in a sentence

  • Disputed Citizen Unsecured Claims Seventy-one (71) persons have filed proofs of claim, asserting Citizen Unsecured Claims in amounts ranging from $500.00 for several individuals who state that they were stranded at the Crossings Mall overnight, to a claim filed by Geary Wayne Copenhaver, for $248,250.00 for damages to property in the Flood.

  • Analysis and Treatment of Claims 13 Class 1 – Administrative Expense Claims 14 Class 2 – Allowed Priority Claims 14 Class 3 – Allowed Secured Mechanic’s Lien Claims 14 Class 4 – Secured Claims of Taxing Authorities 15 Class 5 – Secured Claim of City National Bank (“City”) 15 Class 6 – Unsecured Tenant Deposit Claims from Apartment Leases 15 Class 7 – General Unsecured Claims 15 Class 8 – Subordinated Unsecured Claims 15 Class 9 – Equity Interests in the Debtor.

  • For purposes of Article VI.F and Article III.D.6, “Pro Rata” means, as to a particular holder of a Claim in Class 6, the ratio that the amount of such Claim held by such Class 6 Claim holder bears to the aggregate amount of all Class 6 General Unsecured Claims, and such ratio shall be calculated as if all Disputed Class 6 General Unsecured Claims are Allowed Claims as of the Effective Date.

  • After the Effective Date, each of the Reorganized Debtors shall have and retain any and all rights and defenses such Debtor had with respect to any Interests or Claims other than General Unsecured Claims immediately prior to the Effective Date.

  • All Allowed Claims arising from the rejection of the Debtors’ Executory Contracts or Unexpired Leases shall be classified as General Unsecured Claims and shall be treated in accordance with Article III.D.6 hereof.

More Definitions of Unsecured Claims

Unsecured Claims means the Contingent Claims, the Facilities Claims, the KfW Claim, the Other Claims and the Notes Claims.
Unsecured Claims means the Allowed Claims against the Debtor which are unsecured and which are other than Allowed Priority Claims and Allowed Administrative Expenses, and shall include any Deficiency Claim(s) arising to the holder of an Allowed Secured Claim, pursuant to the provisions of 11 U.S.C. §506, after a hearing pursuant to the applicable Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure or resulting from any agreement reached between the Claimant and the Debtor in which it was determined that the value of the collateral securing the claim was less than the Allowed Claim.
Unsecured Claims means any unsecured claim against any Debtor including (a) a General Unsecured Claim, (b) a Prepetition Unsecured Lender Claim, (c) a 2009 Notes Claim, (d) a 2016 Notes Claim, (e) a 2026 Notes Claim, (f) a Diacetyl Claim, (g) an Environmental Claim, (h) an Unsecured Convenience Claim or (i) an Insured Deficiency Claim.
Unsecured Claims means any unsecured claim against any Debtor including (a) a General Unsecured Claim and (b) an Unsecured Notes Claim.
Unsecured Claims means the Allowed Amounts of those Claims against the