Definition of TCEH First Lien Claims

  1. TCEH First Lien Claims means, collectively: (a) the TCEH Credit Agreement Claims; (b) the TCEH First Lien Note Claims; (c) the TCEH First Lien Interest Rate Swap Claims; and (d) the TCEH First Lien Commodity Hedge Claims.

Examples of TCEH First Lien Claims in a sentence

  1. This Article VII of the Plan shall not apply to the DIP Claims, TCEH First Lien Claims, TCEH Second Lien Note Claims, or TCEH Unsecured Note Claims, which Claims shall be Allowed in full and shall not be subject to any avoidance, reductions, set off, offset, recharacterization, subordination (whether equitable, contractual, or otherwise), counterclaims, cross-claims, defenses, disallowance, impairment, objection, or any other challenges under any applicable law or regulation by any person or entity.