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Staffing costs means salaries and indirect costs related to payment of personnel of a completed RCC.
Staffing costs means salaries and indirect costs re­ lated to payment of personnel of a completed RCC.

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  • Staffing costs form the largest element of the annual policing budget.

  • Staffing costs should only be included in this category when the staff-time will directlyetc.); planning; research; administrative staff support; staff supervision; and overhead charged by subgrantees unless the rate is no approved negotiated rate for Federal grants.

  • Staffing costs associated with the administration of recycling activities and litter reduction.Recycling programs such as these assist Stanislaus County jurisdictions in meeting the 50% diversion rate mandate, specified by Assembly Bill 939, otherwise known as the California Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989.

  • Even in the absence of state or federal subsidies, landowners will be expected to implement stormwater mitigation to reduce pollutant loads to Vermont’s waters.It is important to note that the cost estimates in the Treasurer’s Report did not include:• Staffing costs at ANR and AAFM, for administering the state’s clean water regulatory programs; or• Operation and maintenance (O&M) costs following construction and implementation of clean water projects.

  • The overspend on recycling collection schemes was offset by underspends on Garden Waste Collection (£33,000) due to licence sales being higher than predicted and demand for new bins being less than predicted, Street cleansing and recycling banks (£42,000) due to contractor costs being lower than anticipated, Marketing (£33,000) and Staffing costs (£10,000).

  • Staffing coasts - Staffing costs - This will be a burden on to the communities or land-owning groups if they decide to establish this technology.

  • Administration costs may include: Staffing costs related to staff supporting the carer-facing staff and ongoing operations, for example administrative or human resources officers.

  • Staffing costs include a request of two new full-time positions, a planning engineering manager and an industrial technical manager.

  • Staffing costs are budgeted to increase, still need to be negotiatedii.

  • Optional Permit Fulfilment Staffing^: Item Type Recurring Monthly Fee Staffing One (1) Full Time Employee to fulfill Customer Program Support & Permit Fulfillment requirements $5,550.00 Staffing One (1) Part Time Employee to fulfill Customer Program Support & Permit Fulfillment requirements $2,080.00 ^Beginning in Contract Year 7, the Permit Fulfillment Staffing costs are subject to the CPI-U or 3% adjustment, whichever is lower, as outlined earlier in this Exhibit.

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Staffing costs means the part or parts of the Budget which the Host Authority incurs in relation to employees (including staff salaries wages and other emoluments together with the employer’s contribution for National Insurance and any applicable pension fund) providing the Services.

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  • Direct Costs means those expendi- tures which the Commission actually incurs in searching for and duplicating (and, in the case of commercial use re- questors, reviewing) documents to re- spond to a FOIA request. Direct costs include the salary of the employee per- forming the work (the basic rate of pay for the employee plus 16 percent of that rate to cover benefits) and the cost of operating duplicating equipment. Di- rect costs do not include overhead ex- penses such as the cost of space and heating or lighting the facility in which the records are stored.