Specialty Pharmacy Drug definition

Specialty Pharmacy Drug means any prescription drug regardless of dosage form, identified as a Specialty Pharmacy Drug on the drug formulary or a drug which requires at least one of the following in order to provide optimal patient outcomes:

Examples of Specialty Pharmacy Drug in a sentence

  • The Specialty Pharmacy Drug Management List is subject to change at any time.

  • Specialty medication prescriptions on the Specialty Pharmacy Drug Management List are to be filled through the Preferred Specialty Pharmacy by calling (877) 627‐6337.

  • If your prescription is on the Specialty Pharmacy Drug List, your doctor should provide the Specialty Pharmacy Vendor with your prescription by telephone, fax or mail.

  • Specialty Pharmacy Drug source discount will be updated on an annual basis.

  • New specialty pharmacy drugs to be added to the scope of products covered under the Specialty Pharmacy Drug Program.

  • Please note that the Formulary Exception / Prior Authorization process is an independent process and is not in conjunction with the Specialty Pharmacy Drug Program.

  • The Department’s goal for the Specialty Pharmacy Drug Program is to maintain access to quality care for MA recipients who have a medical need for specialty pharmacy drugs, appropriate ancillary items and services and clinical supports in the Fee-for-Service delivery system while at the same time, enhancing administrative efficiencies.

  • If you are out of a Specialty Pharmacy Drug which must be obtained through the specialty pharmacy program, we will authorize an override of the specialty pharmacy program requirement for 72 hours, or until the next business day following a holiday or weekend, to allow you to get an emergency supply of medication if your Physician decides that it is appropriate and Medically Necessary.

  • If we deny your request for an exception, it will be in writing and will tell you why we did not approve the exception.Urgent or emergency need of a Specialty Pharmacy Drug subject to the specialty pharmacy program.

  • Please refer to the Specialty Pharmacy Drug listing to determine which drugs may require Prior Authorization or have other limitations.

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  • Pharmaceutical Product shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 3.1(hh).

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