Snow Event definition

Snow Event means a period of time during which the Manager of Public Works, in his/her sole discretion, declares that he/she anticipates a snow fall or accumulation which is likely to require extensive snow plowing, snow clearing, or snow removal operations. A snow event shall commence at 11:59 pm on the day it is called by the Manager of Public Works and shall end 24 hours later unless extended by the Manager of Public Works in accordance with the provisions of this By-law.
Snow Event means any snow event whose accumulation within the relevant maintenance district is equal to or greater than 2 and less than 4 inches for the cost of plowing the feeder road leading to the school, as determined by the Department.
Snow Event means any weather occurrence that results in the accumulation of snow, ice, or the mixture thereof.

Examples of Snow Event in a sentence

  • No person shall park a vehicle on any road within the Town during a Snow Event.

  • That is because when you transfer a balance, particularly a balance transfer that is subject to a special rate offer with a low or 0% APR, you typically carry that balance from month to month.

  • In addition, if a TOWN truck is in the vicinity of a specific dome during a Snow Event and an MDOT SHA operator is present, the TOWN truck may then be topped off, if desired.

  • During the Snow Event: The TOWN will contact the appropriate MDOT SHA Shop nearest to that truck and request to be loaded at an approximate preferred time of arrival.

  • In situations where MDOT SHA Snow Event operations are already active when the TOWN operations begin, the TOWN can notify MDOT SHA as far in advance as possible and MDOT SHA will make every effort to provide an operator at all the locations requested in order to begin loading TOWN trucks with Salt.

  • Whatever the snowfall total is in inches, would be the event pricing.• If new snowfall begins within 1 hour and 59 minutes of the end of the original snowfall, the Snow Event would be considered one event.• If a second snowfall begins 2 or more hours after the first snowfall ends, this would be considered a “new event” and would be billed as a separate event based on the above snowfall amount in inches of the new event.

  • Knupp, 2015: Preliminary Profiling and Polarimetric Radar Analysis of Convective Snowbands and Atmospheric Waves during the 25 February 2015 Southeastern U.S. Heavy Snow Event.

  • A Snow Event Response Plan should address both preventative measures and actions to be taken during the storm.

  • Beginning at a Snow Event, no parking from eight o’clock (8:00) a.m. local time until five o’clock (5:00) p.m. local time on any odd calendar day of the month (e.g. one, three, five, seven, …) or until snow removal activities are determined by the Street Superintendent to be completed for the Snow Event.

  • According to the agreement, the major storm events of September 3-4, 2010 (Hurricane Earl) and December 26, 2010 (December 2010 Snow Event) qualify as events for which reasonably incurred costs may be charged to the major storm reserve.

More Definitions of Snow Event

Snow Event means means any snow event whose accumulation within the relevant maintenance district

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