Shareholders' Agreements definition

Shareholders' Agreements shall have the meaning provided in Section 5.05.
Shareholders' Agreements means all agreements (including, without limitation, shareholders’ agreements, subscription agreements and registration rights agreements) entered into by the Parent or any of its Subsidiaries governing the terms and relative rights of its share capital and any agreements entered into by shareholders relating to any such entity with respect to its share capital.
Shareholders' Agreements means the agreements entered into by Holdings or any Subsidiary governing its capital stock and/or by shareholders relating to any such entity or its capital stock that were made available to the Agent pursuant to Section 5.06 of the Original Credit Agreements.

Examples of Shareholders' Agreements in a sentence

  • The Shareholders Agreements duly registered at the Company’s headquarters, which, among other things, establish clauses and conditions for the purchase and sale of shares issued by the Company, preemptive rights in acquiring the same, exercising voting rights or power of control, will be respected by the Company, by Management and by the President of the General Meetings.

  • By way of example and not limitation, “confidential information” includes all trade secrets, customer lists, financial data, product information, forms of organization, procedures, computer software, investment strategies, screens and pricing disciplines, business or investment methodologies, source codes, prices or plans and includes the terms of the Related Shareholders Agreements, this Agreement and any other agreements related to the Company.

  • The Shareholders are shareholders or members of the entities listed on Schedule B and are parties to the Related Shareholders Agreements.

  • In the event of any vacancy in the Board of Directors, the appointment of a new member shall occur pursuant to the Law, with due regard to provisions of the Shareholders Agreements filed at the head office.

  • Reference is hereby made to the provisions of the Related Shareholders Agreements requiring a sale of shares or interests of the entities upon a sale of Shares by Xxxxxxx or any Employee pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Shareholders' Agreements

Shareholders' Agreements means the shareholders’ agreements, limited liability/operating/company agreements and/or partnership agreements (or like agreements) for the Obligors and each of the Subsidiaries and any such additional shareholders’ agreement limited liability/operating/company agreements and/or partnership agreement (or like agreement) entered into at the time of the acquisition of an Acquisition Entity.
Shareholders' Agreements means all agreements that create in favor of the Company or any Subsidiary call option rights with respect to any non-controlling interest in any Subsidiary.
Shareholders' Agreements means that certain Investor Rights Agreement in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A (the “Investor Rights Agreement”) and that certain Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B (the “Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement”), in each case, of even date herewith and by and among the Company, the Subscriber and the other parties thereto.
Shareholders' Agreements shall have the meaning provided in the Original Credit Agreement.
Shareholders' Agreements means, collectively, the Shareholders Agreements, each substantially in the form attached as Exhibit B to the Key Employee Equity Plan, entered into by the Company with the respective shareholders party thereto.
Shareholders' Agreements has the meaning provided in Section 6.12.
Shareholders' Agreements means the WEPCo Shareholders' Agreement and Project Co Shareholders' Agreement;