Definition of SG Lenders

SG Lenders means collectively, Societe Generale, in its capacity as Administrative Agent and Collateral Agent for the lenders party to the SG Credit Agreement and the lenders from time to time party to the SG Credit Agreement (each, a "SG Lender").

Examples of SG Lenders in a sentence

TWC, the Administrative Agent, each Guarantor and the Borrower each agrees that its submission to jurisdiction and its consent to service of process by mail is made for the express benefit of TWC or the Administrative Agent and the SG Lenders.
Principal Amount of this Note and accrued interest may be prepaid at the election of the Obligor at any time in whole or in part, without penalty or premium, provided, however, Obligor shall not make any Distribution with respect to this Note until and unless the Senior Secured Obligations owing to the SG Lenders have been Paid in Full or consent to such Distribution is received in writing from the SG Lenders.
This is a continuing agreement and the Administrative Agent and the SG Lenders may continue, at any time and without notice to the other parties hereto, to extend credit and other financial accommodations, lend monies and provide indebtedness to, or for the benefit of, the Borrower and the Guarantors on the faith hereof.
The Holder irrevocably authorizes, empowers and directs any debtor, debtor in possession, receiver, trustee, liquidator, custodian, conservator or other Person having authority, to pay or otherwise deliver all such Distributions, until the Senior Secured Obligations are Paid in Full, to the SG Lenders.
Distribution, whether in cash, securities or other property which would otherwise, but for the terms of this clause (b), be payable or deliverable in respect of the Subordinated Debt shall be paid or delivered to the SG Lenders until Payment in Full of the Senior Secured Obligations.