Settlement Check or Settlement Checks definition

Settlement Check or Settlement Checks means the check(s) containing the sum that each Class Member(s) are entitled to receive as payment under this Settlement Agreement and the approved Distribution Plan.

Related to Settlement Check or Settlement Checks

  • Settlement Cycle means the period of Clearance System Business Days following a transaction on the Relevant Exchange in the Underlying, during which period settlement will customarily take place according to the rules of such Relevant Exchange.

  • ASX Settlement means ASX Settlement Pty Ltd (ABN 49 008 504 532);

  • PJM Settlement or “PJM Settlement, Inc.” shall mean PJM Settlement, Inc. (or its successor), established by PJM as set forth in Section 3.3 of the Operating Agreement.

  • Individual Settlement Payment means the amount payable from the Net

  • Settlement Payment means the transfer, or contractual undertaking (including by automated clearing house transaction) to effect a transfer, of cash or other property to effect a Settlement.

  • Settlement Account means the transactional banking account held with an Australian bank which is nominated by the Investor on its Application Form;

  • CCASS Settlement Day means the term “Settlement Day” as defined in the General Rules of CCASS.

  • Share Settlement means a number of shares of Class A Common Stock equal to the number of Redeemed Units.

  • Structured settlement annuity means an annuity purchased in order to fund periodic payments for a plaintiff or other claimant in payment for or with respect to personal injury suffered by the plaintiff or other claimant.

  • Settlement Class means the class described in Section II(E)(2) below.

  • Viatical settlement broker means a person, including a life insurance producer as provided for in section 508E.3, who, working exclusively on behalf of a viator and for a fee, commission, or other valuable consideration, offers or attempts to negotiate viatical settlement contracts between a viator and one or more viatical settlement providers or one or more viatical settlement brokers. Notwithstanding the manner in which the viatical settlement broker is compensated, a viatical settlement broker is deemed to represent only the viator, and not the insurer or the viatical settlement provider, and owes a fiduciary duty to the viator to act according to the viator’s instructions and in the best interest of the viator. “Viatical settlement broker” does not include an attorney, certified public accountant, or a financial planner accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency who is retained to represent the viator and whose compensation is not paid directly or indirectly by the viatical settlement provider or purchaser.

  • Gross Settlement Amount means the sum of one million, eight hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars ($1,875,000), contributed to the Qualified Settlement Fund in accordance with Article 5. Defendants shall cause this amount to be paid directly by their fiduciary liability insurer. The Gross Settlement Amount shall be the full and sole monetary payment to the Settlement Class, Plaintiffs, and Class Counsel made by or on behalf of Defendants in connection with the Settlement effectuated through this Settlement Agreement. Neither Defendants nor their insurer(s) will make any additional payment in connection with the Settlement of the Class Action.

  • Gross Settlement Fund means the Settlement Amount plus all interest earned thereon.

  • Final Settlement means permanent settlement of the Contractor’s actual allowable costs or expenditures as determined at the time of audit, which shall be completed within three years of the date the year-end cost settlement report was accepted for interim settlement by the State. If the audit is not completed within three years, the interim settlement shall be considered as the final settlement.

  • Physical Settlement Amount For any Settlement Date for which Physical Settlement is applicable, an amount in cash equal to the product of (a) the Forward Price in effect on the relevant Settlement Date multiplied by (b) the Settlement Shares for such Settlement Date.

  • TARGET2 Settlement Day means any day on which TARGET2 is open for the settlement of payments in euro;

  • Physical Settlement shall have the meaning specified in Section 14.02(a).

  • Purchase Contract Settlement Fund has the meaning specified in Section 5.5.

  • settlement system means any infrastructure whether or not connected to the auction platform that can provide settlement services, which may include clearing, netting, management of collateral, or any other services, which ultimately enable the delivery of allowances on behalf of an auctioneer to a successful bidder or its successor in title, and the payment of the sum due by a successful bidder or its successor in title to an auctioneer, carried out through either of the following:

  • Retail Settlement Code means the code approved by the Board which, among other things, establishes a distributor’s obligations and responsibilities associated with financial settlement among retailers and consumers and provides for tracking and facilitating consumer transfers among competitive retailers;

  • Day-ahead Settlement Interval means the interval used by settlements, which shall be every one clock hour.

  • Settlement Report a report summarizing Revolver Loans and participations in LC Obligations outstanding as of a given settlement date, allocated to Lenders on a Pro Rata basis in accordance with their Revolver Commitments.

  • Settlement Receivable means any general intangible, payment intangible, or instrument representing or reflecting an obligation to make payments to or for the benefit of a Person in consideration for a Settlement made or arranged, or to be made or arranged, by such Person.

  • securities settlement system means a system that enables securities to be transferred and settled by book entry according to a set of predetermined multilateral rules.

  • Structured settlement payment rights means rights to receive periodic payments under a structured settlement, whether from the structured settlement obligor or the annuity issuer, where:

  • Ontario Settlement Class means the settlement class in respect of the Ontario Action as defined in Schedule A.