Seine definition

Seine means any net used to catch fish by encirclement or herding.
Seine means a net of mesh no larger than 2" stretch measure, with floats at the top and weights at the bottom, such that it hangs vertically in the water, and which is drawn through the water to capture fish by encircling them rather than entangling them.
Seine means a net having a stretch mesh of not less than one inch and not more than one and one‑half inches which do not exceed seventy‑five feet in length or six feet in depth.

Examples of Seine in a sentence

  • It’s Seine Net 101, beckoning us to life’s big lessons: Leave nothing out.Learn to invite.

  • However, like Sydney's Bondi Beach experience, the change in behaviour was slow to take effect - the parks and Seine in Paris were crowded with people the following day in beautiful spring weather.

  • In Paris, for example, the Franprix supermar- ket chain, with 80 locations in the city, has begun moving goods by barge on the Seine.

  • SHANGHAI MANUAL 61 Figure 2.7 Scenerg alongside Seine, Paris The Greater Paris covering less than 2% of the national territorial area holds nearly 18% of the national population (11.7 million) and the inner-city density of population reaches 212 people/hectare,1 thus making it one of the most densely populated areas on the continent of Europe.

  • Purse Seine Catches (MT) by year, by flag, and by species in the Palau EEZ.FLAG Figure 6.

More Definitions of Seine

Seine means any net used to catch fish by encirclement or herding that hangs vertically in the water with its bottom edge held down by weights and its top edge buoyed by floats.
Seine. , for purposes of this rule, means a net in the water that is attended by individuals pulling it through the water for the entrapment of fish. A seine must have both float and lead lines and have wood, fiberglass, or metal poles attached to each end.
Seine means a net of any description used for taking fish by drawing along the bottom of the sea or fresh water (whether drawn on the beach or otherwise);
Seine means any non-fixed net other than a trawl net or gillnet and includes all types of purse seines;¶
Seine means a net used to enclose fish when its ends are pulled together and are drawn to shore or to a vessel.
Seine means a small mesh net with a weighted line on the bottom and float line on the top that is drawn through the water. This type of net is used to enclose fish when its ends are brought together.
Seine means a small-meshed net suspended vertically in the water, with floats along the top margin and weights along the bottom margin, which encloses and concentrates fish, and does not entangle them in the meshes.