Scored definition

Scored means to permanently physically demark a cannabinoid edible in a way that enables a reasonable person to:
Scored or “(S)” shall mean the Bidder must comply with the requirement, and the Response will be scored
Scored or “(S)” means the Applicant must comply with the requirement and the Application component will be scored.

Examples of Scored in a sentence

  • There may be rare instances in which an item within the Mandatory Scored Response Worksheet does not create an individual requirement which must be met, but, instead, merely requires a response.

  • To be considered responsive, responsible and eligible for award, any and all requirements identified in the Mandatory Scored Response Worksheet must be met.

  • An evaluation team will review, in detail, all proposals that are received to determine the Highest Scored Bidder (“HSB”).

  • Scored Review Criteria Reviewers will consider each of the review criteria below in the determination of scientific merit, and give a separate score for each.

  • As specified with each requirement listed in the Mandatory Scored Response Worksheet, the supplier must indicate whether it will meet the individual requirement (if any) and provide a supporting narrative in the space provided.

  • Suppliers are encouraged to provide a thorough narrative description in the space provided in the Additional Scored Response Worksheet.

  • All items labeled “Additional Scored Responses” represent information that is requested by the State Entity.

  • The following scoring statuses are used in this benchmark:ScoredFailure to comply with "Scored" recommendations will decrease the final benchmark score.

  • Compliance with "Scored" recommendations will increase the final benchmark score.Not ScoredFailure to comply with "Not Scored" recommendations will not decrease the final benchmark score.

  • An evaluation team will review, in detail, all proposals received to determine the Highest Scored Bidder (“HSB”).

More Definitions of Scored

Scored means to physically demark a cannabinoid edible in a way that enables a reasonable person to:¶ (A) Intuitively determine how much of the product constitutes a single serving; and¶

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  • Sound level meter means an instrument which includes a microphone, amplifier, RMS detector, integrator or time averager, output meter, and weighting networks used to measure sound pressure levels.

  • DRS/Profile means the system for the uncertificated registration of ownership of securities pursuant to which ownership of ADSs is maintained on the books of the Depositary without the issuance of a physical certificate and transfer instructions may be given to allow for the automated transfer of ownership between the books of DTC and the Depositary. Ownership of ADSs held in DRS/Profile is evidenced by periodic statements issued by the Depositary to the Holders entitled thereto.

  • Sound level means the A-weighted Sound Pressure Level;

  • Performance References has the meaning set forth for such term in the definition of Derivative Instrument.

  • Expiry Date (Data di Scadenza) means the "Expiry Date" as specified in § 1 of the Product and Underlying Data.

  • Working level month (WLM) means an exposure to 1 working level for 170 hours (2,000 working hours per year divided by 12 months per year is approximately equal to 170 hours per month).

  • DNA profile means a letter or number code which represents a set of identification characteristics of the non-coding part of an analysed human DNA sample, i.e. the particular molecular structure at the various DNA locations (loci);

  • Disinfection profile means a summary of daily Giardia lamblia inactivation through the treatment plant. The procedure for developing a disinfection profile is contained in s. NR 810.32.

  • Working level (WL) means any combination of short-lived radon daughters in 1 liter of air that will result in the ultimate emission of 1.3E+5 MeV of potential alpha particle energy. The short-lived radon daughters are—for radon-222: polonium-218, lead-214, bismuth-214, and polonium-214; and for radon-220: polonium-216, lead-212, bismuth-212, and polonium-212.

  • CMSA Bond Level File means the monthly report substantially in the form of, and containing the information called for in, the downloadable form of the "Bond Level File" available as of the Closing Date on the CMSA Website, or such other form for the presentation of such information and containing such additional information as may from time to time be approved by the CMSA for commercial mortgage securities transactions generally.

  • Dose profile means the dose as a function of position along a line.

  • Programme Limit means the maximum aggregate nominal amount of Notes that may be issued and outstanding at any time under the Programme, as such limit may be increased pursuant to the Dealer Agreement;

  • audiovisual work means a work that consists of a series of related images which impart the impression of motion, with or without accompanying sounds, susceptible of being made visible and, where accompanied by sounds, susceptible of being made audible;

  • Site evaluation means a comprehensive analysis of soil and site conditions for an OWTS.

  • the Programme means the Government programme for delivery of smart metering in Great Britain. The Programme is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of policy, including establishing the commercial and regulatory framework to facilitate the roll-out;

  • Programme means any television broadcast and includes-

  • Level I “Level II”, “Level III”, “Level IV” and “Level V”: the respective Level set forth below: S&P Moody’s Level I A- or higher A3 or higher Level II BBB+ Baa1 Level III BBB Baa2 Level IV BBB- Baa3 Level V BB+ or lower Ba1 or lower provided that if on any day the Applicable Xxxxx’x Rating and the Applicable S&P Rating do not coincide for any rating category and the Level differential is (x) one level, then the higher of the Applicable S&P Rating or the Applicable Xxxxx’x Rating will be the applicable Level; (y) two levels, the Level at the midpoint will be the applicable Level; and (z) more than two levels, the highest of the intermediate Levels will be the applicable Level; provided further that if on any day, neither the Applicable Xxxxx’x Rating nor the Applicable S&P Rating is available, the applicable Level shall be Level V.

  • Brand Name or Equal Specification means a specification which uses one or more manufacturer’s names or catalogue numbers to describe the standard of quality, performance, and other characteristics needed to meet District requirements, and which provides for the submission of equivalent products.

  • Evaluation Criteria means the criteria set out under the clause 27 (Evaluation Process) of this Part C, which includes the Qualifying Criteria, Functional Criteria and Price and Preferential Points Assessment.

  • Reference evapotranspiration or “ETo” means a standard measurement of environmental parameters which affect the water use of plants. ETo is given expressed in inches per day, month, or year as represented in Appendix C of these Guidelines, and is an estimate of the evapotranspiration of a large field of four to seven-inch tall, cool-season grass that is well watered. Reference evapotranspiration is used as the basis of determining the Maximum Applied Water Allowances.

  • Technique factors means the following conditions of operation:

  • LC50 means the concentration of toxicant (e.g., effluent) which is lethal to 50 percent of the test organisms exposed in the time period prescribed by the test.

  • MSAA Indicator Technical Specifications document means, as the context requires, either or both of the document entitled “Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA) 2019-20 Indicator Technical Specifications November 5, 2018 Version 1.3” and the document entitled “Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA) 2019-20 Target and Corridor-Setting Guidelines” as they may be amended or replaced from time to time;

  • Performance Measure means one or more of the following selected by the Committee to measure Company, Affiliate, and/or business unit performance for a Performance Period, whether in absolute or relative terms (including, without limitation, terms relative to a peer group or index): basic, diluted, or adjusted earnings per share; sales or revenue; earnings before interest, taxes, and other adjustments (in total or on a per share basis); basic or adjusted net income; returns on equity, assets, capital, revenue or similar measure; economic value added; working capital; total shareholder return; and product development, product market share, research, licensing, litigation, human resources, information services, mergers, acquisitions, sales of assets of Affiliates or business units. Each such measure shall be, to the extent applicable, determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as consistently applied by the Company (or such other standard applied by the Committee) and, if so determined by the Committee, and in the case of a Performance Compensation Award, to the extent permitted under Code Section 162(m), adjusted to omit the effects of extraordinary items, gain or loss on the disposal of a business segment, unusual or infrequently occurring events and transactions and cumulative effects of changes in accounting principles. Performance Measures may vary from Performance Period to Performance Period and from Participant to Participant, and may be established on a stand-alone basis, in tandem or in the alternative.

  • Performance evaluation means evaluation of work and program participation as well as other areas of behavior.

  • Level 1 means a charging system that provides charging through a one-hundred- twenty volt AC plug with a cord connector that meets the SAE international J1772 standard or a successor standard.