LC50 definition

LC50 means the concentration of toxicant (e.g., effluent) which is lethal to 50 percent of the test organisms exposed in the time period prescribed by the test.
LC50 means the median lethal concentration and is a statistically or graphically estimated concentration that is expected to be lethal to fifty per cent of a group of organisms under specified conditions.

More Definitions of LC50

LC50 means the concentration of a substance, mixture of substances, or discharge which causes mortality to fifty percent of the test organisms in an acute toxicity test.
LC50 means that concentration of a toxic substance that is lethal or immobilizing to 50 percent
LC50 means the concentration of effluent which causes mortality to 50% of the test organisms. Therefore, a 100% limit means that a sample of 100% effluent (no dilution) shall cause no more than a 50% mortality rate.
LC50 means median lethal concentration, and is the concentration of material that is estimated to be lethal to 50% of the test organisms;
LC50 means the point estimate of the concentration of a toxic substance, wastewater effluent or other aqueous mixture which is lethal to 50% of the exposed organisms in a given time period, when compared to an appropriate control.
LC50 means the concentration of a toxicant at which lethality occurs to 50 percent of the test organisms during a specified exposure time period.
LC50 means the median lethal con- centration, i.e., that concentration of a chemical in air or water killing 50 per- cent of the test batch of organisms within a particular period of exposure (which shall be stated).