Ripplewood definition

Ripplewood means Ripplewood Partners, L.P.
Ripplewood as defined in the Recitals.
Ripplewood means Ripplewood Holdings L.L.C.

Examples of Ripplewood in a sentence

  • Such registration rights will be on customary terms and conditions (including, without limitation, customary cut back and lock-up provisions) established in good faith by WMC's or Holding's Board of Directors and Ripplewood and notified to the Employee Stockholder and the Other Employee Stockholders.

  • The Employee Stockholder shall have ten days from the date of receipt of a Tag-Along Notice to exercise his or her right to sell pursuant to this Section 7(a) by delivering written notice to Ripplewood of his or her intent to exercise such right.

  • Subject to Section 2.01(a) and, with respect to a Transfer to any Person other than a Permitted Transferee of the Ripplewood Shareholder, Section 2.01(e), the Ripplewood Shareholder (and its Permitted Transferees) shall have the right to Transfer at any time all or any portion of its Shares (including any beneficial ownership thereof) to any Person without the prior consent of any Person.

  • Should Ripplewood exercise its rights pursuant to this Section 8, the Employee Stockholder and its Permitted Transferees shall be required to transfer Common Stock and Option Stock held by them in the following order of priority: (1) first, shares of Common Stock (until the Employee Stockholder and its Permitted Transferees hold no shares of Common Stock), and (2) second, Option Stock (until the Employee Stockholder and its Permitted Transferees hold no Option Stock).

  • For purposes of this Section 8(a), "Confidential Information" shall mean non-public information concerning the financial data, strategic business plans, and other non-public, proprietary and confidential information of the Company, its subsidiaries, Ripplewood Holdings L.L.C. or their respective affiliates as in existence as of the date of Executive's termination of employment that, in any case, is not otherwise available to the public (other than by Executive's breach of the terms hereof).

More Definitions of Ripplewood

Ripplewood means, collectively, AC Acquisition I LLC, AC Acquisition II LLC, and their Permitted Transferees.
Ripplewood means Ripplewood Holding L.L.C. (or its successor) and its Affiliates (other than WMC Holding or any employee, officer or director of WMC Holding or the Company).
Ripplewood means Ripplewood Holdings L.L.C., a Delaware limited liability company.
Ripplewood means Ripplewood Partners, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership.
Ripplewood means Ripplewood 1 and Ripplewood 2, acting together.
Ripplewood means Ripplewood Holdings LLC. ----------
Ripplewood means RSC Acquisition LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and RSC Acquisition II LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, acting together.