Repurposed definition

Repurposed means having made a significant investment in an existing wind generation or solar

Examples of Repurposed in a sentence

  • Repurposed project title, objectives and activities including proposed proportionately allotted devices per region submitted to the PCHRD Governing Council last April 3, 2020.

  • Repurposed Antiviral Drugs for Covid-19 - Interim WHO Solidarity Trial Results.

  • Repurposed pipelines are often already to a large extent depreciated.

  • Repurposed Antiviral Drugs for Covid-19 — Interim WHO Solidarity Trial Results.

  • Risk Assessment of Drug- Induced Long QT Syndrome for Some COVID-19 Repurposed Drugs.

  • Appointment to the Repurposed Schools Committee as a representative from the Robertson neighborhood to fill the vacancy left by Maureen O’Reilly.

  • The transaction costs (brokerage fees, stamp duties, taxes, custodian commission and charges paid to stock exchanges) which may arise in relation to the repurpose exercise during the Rebalancing Period (as disclosed in Appendix I) will be borne by each of the Repurposed Funds and will be capped at 0.2% of the relevant Repurpose Fund’s Net Asset Value.

  • A.; Swaminathan, S., Repurposed Antiviral Drugs for Covid-19 - Interim WHO Solidarity Trial Results.

  • Repurposed program codes will be selected based on the original program code for the earmark funds (see Program Code Crosswalk on the repurposing website).

  • Continue to be a leading corporate sponsor of Stewart HouseWe continue to be a corporate sponsor and our members appeal created additional income through regular pledges of $5 and upwards from salary donations.

Related to Repurposed

  • Common Purposes shall include the purpose of managing and maintaining the Project, collection and disbursement of the Common Expenses and dealing with the matters of common interest of the Unit Owners and relating to their mutual rights and obligations for the beneficial use and enjoyment of their respective Units exclusively and the Common Areas in common;

  • Public Purposes means the public purpose of financing $1,500,000.00 of building remodeling and improvement projects, consisting of projects included in the District's 2015-2016 building remodeling and improvement program;

  • Primary Purpose means the collection, use, or disclosure of information collected by the Company or supplied by the Customer in order to: (1) provide, bill, or collect for, regulated electric service; (2) provide for system, grid, or operational needs; (3) provide services as required by state or federal law or as specifically authorized by an order of the Commission; (4) plan, implement, or evaluate programs, products or services related to energy assistance, demand response, energy management, energy efficiency, or renewable energy by the Company or under contract with the Company, under contract with the Commission, or as part of a Commission-authorized program conducted by an entity under the supervision of the Commission, or pursuant to state or federal statutes governing energy assistance; and (5) disclosure of customer name and address to a provider of appliance repair services in compliance with MCL 460.10a(9)(a), or to otherwise comply with the Code of Conduct.

  • public purpose means the public purpose described in the preamble to this Resolution;

  • Agreed Purposes as defined in Section 10.14.

  • School purposes means purposes that customarily take place at the direction of a teacher or the Board, or aid in the administration of school activities, including but not limited to instruction in the classroom, administrative activities and collaboration among students, school personnel or parents or legal guardians of students.

  • Secondary Purpose means any purpose that is not a Primary Purpose.

  • General purpose equipment means equipment, which is not limited to research, medical, scientific or other technical activities. Examples include office equipment and furnishings, modular offices, telephone networks, information technology equipment and systems, air conditioning equipment, reproduction and printing equipment, and motor vehicles.

  • General purpose degreaser means a product designed to remove or dissolve grease, grime, oil and other oil-based contaminants from a variety of substrates, including automotive or miscellaneous metallic parts. General purpose degreaser does not include engine degreaser, general purpose cleaner, adhesive remover, electronic cleaner, metal polish or cleanser, products used exclusively in solvent cleaning tanks or related equipment, or products that are (i) sold exclusively to establishments which manufacture or construct goods or commodities; and (ii) labeled "not for retail sale." Solvent cleaning tanks or related equipment includes, but is not limited to, cold cleaners, vapor degreasers, conveyorized degreasers, film cleaning machines, or products designed to clean miscellaneous metallic parts by immersion in a container.

  • Educational Purposes means use for the purpose of education, teaching, distance learning, private study and/or research.

  • Business Purpose means the use of personal information for the business’s or a service provider’s operational purposes, or other notified purposes, provided that the use of personal information shall be reasonably necessary and proportionate to achieve the operational purpose for which the personal information was collected or processed or for another operational purpose that is compatible with the context in which the personal information was collected. Business purposes are:

  • Approved Purposes means the use of Data by the Provider for the purposes of providing services authorized by APS in Agreements entered into between APS and the Provider (“Authorized Services”) during the term of the SDUPA., and for no other purpose.

  • Legitimate Purposes means sharing of UPSI in the ordinary course of business by an Insider with the following, provided that such sharing has not been carried out to evade or circumvent the prohibitions of these regulations:

  • Agreed Purpose has the meaning given to it in clause 2 of this Agreement.

  • General purpose cleaner means a product designed for general all-purpose cleaning, in contrast to cleaning products designed to clean specific substrates in certain situations. General purpose cleaner includes products designed for general floor cleaning, kitchen or countertop cleaning, and cleaners designed to be used on a variety of hard surfaces and does not include general purpose degreasers and electronic cleaners.

  • Agricultural purposes ’ means purposes normally or otherwise reasonably associated with the use of land for agricultural activities, including the use of land for structures, buildings and dwelling units reasonably necessary for or related to

  • Production Purposes means using the Software (a) in a production environment, (b) generally using live data and/or applications for a purpose other than Development Purposes, (c) for multi-user prototyping, quality assurance and testing and/or (d) for backup instances.

  • Approved Purpose means the activity or purpose for which the Hirer wishes to use the Venue (and for which the Shire has had an opportunity to assess and approve)

  • Multi-purpose Lubricant means any lubricant designed for general purpose lubrication, or for use in a wide variety of applications. “Multi-purpose Lubricant” does not include “Multi-purpose Dry Lubricants”, “Penetrants”, or “Silicone-based Multi-purpose Lubricants”.

  • Permitted Purposes means evaluating the Project, preparing a Proposal, and any other use permitted by the RFP or this Participation Agreement;

  • Functionally dependent use means a use which cannot perform its intended purpose unless it is located or carried out in close proximity to water. The term includes only docking facilities, port facilities that are necessary for the loading and unloading of cargo or passengers, and ship building and ship repair facilities, but does not include long-term storage or related manufacturing facilities.

  • General purpose adhesive means any non-aerosol adhesive designed for use on a variety of substrates. “General Purpose Adhesive” does not include (i) contact adhesives, (ii) construction, panel, and floor covering adhesives, (iii) adhesives designed exclusively for application on one specific category of substrates (i.e., substrates that are composed of similar materials, such as different types of metals, paper products, ceramics, plastics, rubbers, or vinyls), or (iv) adhesives designed exclusively for use on one specific category of articles (i.e., articles that may be composed of different materials but perform a specific function, such as gaskets, automotive trim, weather-stripping, or carpets).

  • Permitted Purpose means any activity or process to be undertaken or supervised by a Staff member of one Party during the term of this Agreement, for which purpose authorised disclosure of the other Party’s Confidential Information or Intellectual Property is a prerequisite in order to enable such activity or process to be accomplished;

  • School operating purposes means the purposes included in the operation costs of the district as prescribed in sections 7 and 18 and purposes authorized under section 1211 of the revised school code, MCL 380.1211.

  • Transportation purpose means a purpose that directly

  • Educational purpose means classroom activities, research in academic subjects, career or professional development activities, Green Dot approved personal research activities, or other purposes as defined by the School from time to time.