Registered Shares definition

Registered Shares has the meaning set forth in Section 3.01(b).
Registered Shares shall have the meaning assigned thereto in Section 6.9(a) of this Agreement.
Registered Shares means Subject Shares the issuance of which to Stock Purchaser has been registered under the Securities Act.

Examples of Registered Shares in a sentence

  • Except as seI forth in this Seclion 3 or wi[h lhe prior wrilten consenl of ali lhe rnher Shareholders, a Sharehoider rnay not Transfer or Encumber any of ils Registered Shares.

  • For Xxxxx Xxxxxx held on behalf of a third party, the person that controls the tokens ("Fiduciary") may perform the registration of Registered Shares on behalf of the beneficiary.

  • Each Shareholder shall be authorized to Transfer any of its respective subscription or preemptive rights corresponding to Registered Shares subject to compliance with Sections 3.1 to 3.3 herein.

  • One copy of this Agreement shall be deposited at the head office of the Company and all applicable provisions of this Agreement concerning the Registered Shares shall be registered in the Company’s share register and on any certificates evidencing the Registered Shares.

  • For example, burning a Share Token can make sense when the Share Token Holder and the Issuer agreed to convert the Registered Shares into a different legal form.

More Definitions of Registered Shares

Registered Shares means Shares which are issued in registered form of which the ownership is registered and documented in the Company’s Register.
Registered Shares has the meaning set forth in Section 2(b)(iii) below.
Registered Shares shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.4(a)(xviii).
Registered Shares has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1(b)(i).
Registered Shares means (i) the Shares and (ii) any shares of capital stock issued with respect to or in exchange for the shares referred to in the preceding clause (i) by way of a stock dividend or stock split or in connection with a recapitalization or a merger, consolidation or other reorganization. As to any particular Registered Shares, such shares shall cease to be Registered Shares when (i) the Cendant Registration Statement shall have become effective under the Securities Act and such Registered Shares shall have been disposed of in accordance with the Cendant Registration Statement, (ii) such shares shall have been distributed pursuant to Rule 144 (or any successor provision then in force) under the Securities Act, (iii) such shares shall have been otherwise transferred, new certificates or other evidences of ownership for them not bearing a legend restricting further transfer and not subject to any stop transfer order or other restrictions on transfer shall have been delivered by Cendant or the transfer agent for such shares and subsequent disposition of such shares shall not require registration or qualification under the Securities Act or any state securities laws then in force, (iii) such shares shall be eligible for sale pursuant to Rule 144(k) (or any successor provision then in force) or (iv) such shares shall cease to be outstanding.
Registered Shares the meaning specified in Recital A.