REG definition

REG means Regal Entertainment Group or its successor or any Person that wholly owns REG, directly or indirectly, in the future.

Examples of REG in a sentence

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx 000 #00000 89118 Las Vegas, Nevada USA Zensai Poland Sp. Z.o.o Reg.

  • The Closing Fee shall be deemed net settled on the applicable date of payment and treated as creating original issue discount on the Term Loan Commitment under Treasury Reg.

  • I further agree to comply with, and unless otherwise described herein with regard to Reg.

  • Society Lottery Scheme is registered with National Lotteries Commission (Reg No. 00425/01).

  • Affiliates of Zensai International ApS ELEARNINGFORCE GmbH / Zensai Deutschland Reg.

More Definitions of REG

REG means Rwanda Energy Group, established pursuant to the law N° 97/2013 of 31 January, 2014.
REG means Red Ensign Group
REG means Xxxxx Exploration Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
REG means regulation.
REG means Renewable Energy Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
REG or “Reg. §§” means a temporary or final regulation or regulations promulgated by the U.S. Treasury Department under the Code, as such regulations may be amended from time to time.