Referred Complaint definition

Referred Complaint means a complaint that a Member has breached the Authority’s Code of Conduct, and which an ESO has referred to the Monitoring Officer8;

Examples of Referred Complaint in a sentence

  • At a hearing of a Referred Complaint at which the ESO is not present, the Committee will consider whether or not it would be in the public interest to continue in the ESO’s absence, even if an Investigator has been nominated by the Monitoring Officer for the purpose of the hearing.

  • It does not include Parish Council members unless they are the subject of a Referred Complaint.

  • In respect of a Referred Complaint for Investigation, the Monitoring Officer may appoint the Deputy Monitoring Officer, or any person nominated under the provisions of section 82A(2) or (3) of the Local Government Act 2000 to perform any function.

  • Where the Investigator of a Referred Complaint for Investigation conducts an investigation, s/he may at any stage before completing the investigation request in writing to the ESO that the complaint be referred back to the ESO for the ESO to conduct the investigation.

  • Where the Committee is considering either a Local or a Referred Complaint, the Committee will ensure that: • the hearing is conducted having regard to guidance issued by the Standards Board;16 • the Committee gives the Member an opportunity to present evidence in support of the Member’s case; and • the Committee gives the Member, or, at the choice of the Member, the Member’s representative, the opportunity to make representations at the hearing.

  • The Standards Committee36 shall conduct a hearing in relation to • a Referred Complaint for Determination; • a report prepared by an Investigator which concerns a finding of failure; or • a Complaint which the Committee has decided should be considered at a hearing, in accordance with paragraph 6 above.

  • On receipt of a Referred Complaint for Investigation, unless otherwise directed by the ESO, the Monitoring Officer shall inform • the Member; • the Complainant; and • any Parish Council concerned.

  • Fur- thermore, we have been careful when describing students’ re- ported results satisfying either of our “good enough” condi- tions, to not imply that either of those were the conditions a student actually used.

  • For a Referred Complaint, it may also be withheld at the direction of the ESO.

  • Section 325.210 IDHR's Acceptance of the EPA Referred Complaint a) After IDHR accepts the EPA Referred Complaint from IDOL, IDHR will formalize an IDHR Charge of Discrimination for the EPA Complainant to sign and notarize, pursuant to IDHR's 56 Ill.

Related to Referred Complaint

  • Product Complaint means any written, verbal or electronic expression of dissatisfaction regarding the Product, including without limitation reports of actual or suspected product tampering, contamination, mislabeling or inclusion of improper ingredients.

  • Amended Complaint means the Consolidated Amended Class Action Complaint, dated February 12, 2015, filed in this Action.

  • Material Compliance Matter has the same meaning as the term defined in Rule 38a-1, and includes any compliance matter that involves: (1) a violation of the federal securities laws by Distributor (or its officers, directors, employees, or agents); (2) a violation of Distributor's Rule 38a-1 policies and procedures; or (3) a weakness in the design or implementation of Distributor's Rule 38a-1 policies and procedures.

  • Complaint means any formal written complaint raised by a Contracting Body in relation to the performance of this Framework Agreement or any Call-Off Contract in accordance with Clause 44 (Complaints Handling and Resolution);

  • Complaints means each of the following documents:

  • Service Complaints For service problems or complaints, you should contact your local utility by calling: AEP Ohio at 000.000.0000. IN THE EVENT OF AN ENERGY-RELATED EMERGENCY, SUCH AS A POWER OUTAGE OR DOWNED POWER LINE, PLEASE VACATE THE AREA BY A SAFE DISTANCE AND CALL YOUR LOCAL UTILITY or 911. Authorization/Representation/Letter of Agency:By entering into this Agreement, you authorize XOOM to act on your behalf under your local utility’s tariffs in accordance with the rules and regulations of the PUCO. You acknowledge that you are your local utility account holder, or a person legally authorized to execute this Agreement on behalf of the account holder for electricity service and are at least eighteen (18) years of age. You agree to authorize XOOM to obtain your credit information and you agree to authorize your local utility to release all information relating to your historical and current electricity usage, billing and payment history to XOOM or its authorized representatives. You acknowledge that XOOM has full authority to make all rates and tariff selections necessary to meet its obligations under this Agreement. You may rescind this authorization at any time by contacting XOOM. Neither your social security number, customer account number nor any other customer financial information will be released by XOOM, except where such release is required by court order or by Commission Order or Rule, without your affirmative written consent. Execution of this Agreement shall constitute authorization for the release of this information to XOOM.

  • Environmental Complaint shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.19(d) hereof.

  • Adverse Event means any untoward medical occurrence in a patient or clinical investigation subject administered a pharmaceutical product and that does not necessarily have a causal relationship with the treatment. An adverse event can therefore be any unfavourable and unintended sign (including an abnormal laboratory finding), symptom, or disease temporally associated with the use of a medicinal product, whether or not related to the medicinal product.

  • Material safety data sheet or "MSDS" means the chemical, physical, technical, and safety information document supplied by the manufacturer of the coating, solvent, or other chemical product, usually through the distribution network or retailers.

  • Formal complaint means a document filed by a complainant or signed by the Title IX Coordinator alleging sexual harassment against a respondent and requesting an investigation of the allegation of sexual harassment.

  • Company Material Contract has the meaning set forth in Section 3.15(a).

  • Adverse employment action means an action that affects an em- ployee ’s compensation, promotion, transfer, work assignment, or performance evaluation, or any other employment action that would dissuade a reasonable employee from making or supporting a report of abuse or neglect under Family Code 261.101.

  • Policy Grievance shall be signed by a xxxxxxx or a Union representative or, in the case of an Employer's policy grievance, by the Employer or its representative.

  • Investigating Department means any Department, Division or Unit investigating into the conduct of the Agency and shall include the Vigilance Department, Central Bureau of Investigation, the State Police or any other department set up by the Central or State Government having powers to investigate.

  • Complaint Investigation means an investigation of any complaint that has been made to a proper authority that is not covered by an abuse investigation.

  • Group Grievance is defined as a single grievance, signed by a Xxxxxxx or a Union Representative on behalf of a group of employee who have the same complaint. Such grievances must be dealt with at successive stages of the Grievance Procedure commencing with Step 1. The grievors shall be listed on the grievance form.

  • material hoist means a hoist used to lower or raise material and equipment, excluding passengers; "medical certificate of fitness" means a certificate contemplated in regulation 7(8);

  • Criminal history record information means that term as defined in section 1a of 1925 PA 289, MCL 28.241a.

  • integrity violation means any act which violates the anticorruption policy including corrupt, fraudulent, coercive, or collusive practice, abuse, and obstructive practice;

  • Third Party Data has the meaning set forth in Section 9.3(a).

  • Allegation means any written or oral statement or other indication of possible scholarly misconduct made to an institutional official.

  • Regulatory Information Service means a regulatory information service as defined in the FCA Handbook;

  • Contractor Sensitive Information means any information provided by the Contractor to the Authority (disregarding any protective marking or assertion of confidentiality) which: is specified as Contractor Sensitive Information in Schedule 7 and has not lost its sensitivity according to the justifications and durations set out in that Schedule; and is exempt information pursuant to sections 33(1) or 36, 38 or 39 of FOISA (having regard for that purpose to the public interest there might be in disclosing such information as referred to in section 2(1)(b) of FOISA).

  • Clinical means having a significant relationship, whether real or potential, direct or indirect, to the actual rendering or outcome of dental care, the practice of dentistry, or the quality of dental care being rendered to a patient;

  • Criminal investigatory record means a record which is not

  • Safety Data Sheet means a safety data sheet within the meaning of regulation 5 of the CHIP Regulations;