Primary aggressor definition

Primary aggressor means the person(s) who has caused or has threatened to cause significant physical or emotional harm to another in his family or household, as compared to the other party(s) involved. This is regardless of which party was the first aggressor. In determining whether one person is a primary aggressor, consideration shall include but is not limited to:
Primary aggressor means the same as in K.S.A. 2018 Supp. 21-5111, and
Primary aggressor means the same as defined in K.S.A. 2022 Supp. 21-

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  • P Mental health – 63-65 Non-biological caregivers/batterers – 22-23 Primary aggressor – 20-21 Protective capacities – 18 Policy considerations – 79-80 Readiness assessment tool – App.

  • Primary aggressor In some situations, the investigating officer and prosecutor might have to determine who the predominate or primary aggressor was.

  • Traitel PavilionMichael McFaul, the Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow, will examine strategies to defuse the current Russia-Ukraine crisis and the role of Western governments in supporting democracies.

  • Officer response -- Primary aggressor -- Factors -- Reports -- Notice to victim of legal rights.36-3-620.

  • Primary aggressor: The person using physical violence in combination with/or a variety of other control tactics to exercise general, coercive control over their partner or family member, and for whom, once they have been violent, all of their other controlling actions take on the threat of violence.35 The violence perpetrated does not have to be frequent or severe, it is the patterned and coercive nature of the violence designed to gain power and control that defines it as family violence.

  • This would result in a significant reduction in the availability of swimming facilities in the city during the refurbishment period.

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Primary aggressor means the person involved in a domestic abuse incident who is primarily responsible for the incident as indicated by, but not limited to the person:

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