Premium cigar definition

Premium cigar means any cigar that is hand-constructednew text begin and hand-rollednew text end, has a wrapper that is made entirely from whole tobacco leaf, has a filler and binder that is made entirely of tobacco, except for adhesives or other materials used to maintain size, texture, or flavor, and has a wholesale price of no less than $2.
Premium cigar means any roll for smoking, other than cigarettes and little cigars, that is made wholly or in part of tobacco and that has all of the following characteristics:
Premium cigar means any cigar that is handmade, is not mass produced by use of mechanization, has a wrapper that is made entirely from whole tobacco leaf, and has a wholesale price of no less than $12.00. A premium cigar does not have a filter, tip, or nontobacco mouthpiece and is capped by hand.

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  • Premium cigar primarily manufacturers within the AAA geography but does make sales in countries outside of this area).

  • Premium cigar" means a cigar that weighs more than 3 pounds per 1,000 and is wrapped in whole tobacco leaf.[PL 2009, c.

  • Premium cigar users also use fewer cigars on each day in past 30 days than those using non-premium cigars or cigarettes.

  • Premium cigar users are typically white males, 35 years or older, who have higher levels of education and higher incomes than consumers of non-premium cigar or cigarettes.

  • Premium cigar packaging contains some of the most expressive and highly detailed illustrative artwork printing of any commercial product.

  • Premium cigar users typically used them 1.3 days out of 30, as reported by the median and smoked 0.1 cigars per day in past 30 days.

  • Premium cigar users are typically white males, who are 35 years or older, and are relatively more educated and have higher incomes than non-premium traditional cigar, cigarillo, filtered cigar and cigarette smokers.

  • Definitions.1314 (a) As used in this article:1516 (xii) "Premium cigar" means a cigar that: 1718 (A) Is wrapped in whole tobacco leaf; 1920 (B) Is handmade or hand rolled; and 2122 (C) Has no filter, non-tobacco tip or non-tobacco23 mouthpiece.2425 Page 2-line 5 Delete "under this".

  • Premium cigar manufacturing is a manual and time-consuming process, with very low volume.

  • Premium cigar smokers are also more educated and have higher incomes than those using non-premium cigar products or cigarette smokers.

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Premium cigar means a hand-constructed cigar with a wrapper made entirely from whole tobacco leaf and a filler and binder made entirely of tobacco, except for adhesives or other materials used to maintain size, texture, or flavor.
Premium cigar means any roll of tobacco spiral

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