Definition of PPS Act

PPS Act means the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth);

Examples of PPS Act in a sentence

This means that licences under this Act will not be registered as securities under the PPS Act.
There is an opportunity to simplify searching and reduce costs by ensuring the grantor details in migrated registrations meet the PPS Act standards.
Exclusion of PPS Act provisions 104 14.1 No right to receive notices 104 14.2 Exclusion of rights 105 14.3 Waiver of other provisions 105 14.4 Controllers 105 15.
Commonwealth PPS Act means a Commonwealth Act enacted in the terms, or substantially in the terms, of the tabled text and as in force from time to time.
Commonwealth PPS instrument means any instrument (whether or not of a legislative character) that is made or issued under the Commonwealth PPS Act.