Definition of Post-Closing Date

Post-Closing Date means the date that is one year after the Closing Date.

Examples of Post-Closing Date in a sentence

The final terms of the Bonds, consistent with the terms of this Restructuring Resolution, shall be approved by the Corporation Designee pursuant to Finding of Fact 68 and Ordering Paragraph 14 below, or in the case of Closing Date Bonds or Post-Closing Date Bonds, by the Board pursuant to the Award Resolution and any Designee Certificate.
Seller and Buyer shall undertake to agree with respect to the amounts due pursuant to the post-closing adjustment no later than one hundred eighty (180) days after the Closing Date (the Post-Closing Date).
In the event that a Potential Target Acquisition shall have been consummated after the Closing Date but prior to the Refund Date (a "Post-Closing Date Potential Target Acquisition") then, subject to the terms of the last sentence of this paragraph, Borrower may retain and use the Unused Term Loan Proceeds to consummate such Potential Target Acquisition, provided that the conditions set forth in Section 3.2 shall have been satisfied.
The Advances shall be available in up to two drawings, one on the Closing Date and one on a date during the Availability Period in an amount that shall not exceed the Post-Closing Date Advance Sublimit.
Buyer and Sellers hereby agree that any payment due Buyer or Sellers will be made within three (3) Business Days from the date of said agreement in this Section 7.6. In addition, Buyer shall pay to Sellers within three (3) Business Days after the Post-Closing Date an amount equal to any downward adjustment for Title Defects identified pursuant to Section 7.5(d)(iii) which have been cured by Sellers prior to the Post-Closing Date.