Definition of Applicable Closing Date

Applicable Closing Date means (i) with respect to all Sites other than the CA/NV Sites, the Initial Closing Date, and (ii) with respect to the CA/NV Sites, (a) if the CA/NV Inclusion occurs at the Initial Closing, the Initial Closing Date or (b) if the CA/NV Inclusion does not occur at the Initial Closing but occurs at the CA/NV Subsequent Closing, the CA/NV Subsequent Closing Date.

Examples of Applicable Closing Date in a sentence

Applicable Closing Date: Has the meaning specified in Section 5.01(b) of this Trust Supplement.
If at any time prior to the Applicable Closing Date, the Trustee receives a notice of postponement pursuant to Section 1(e) or 1(f) of the NPA, then the Trustee shall give the Depositary (with a copy to the Escrow Agent) a notice of cancellation of such Notice of Purchase Withdrawal relating to such Deposit or Deposits on such Applicable Closing Date.
Upon satisfaction of the conditions specified in the NPA and the Applicable Participation Agreement, the Trustee shall purchase the applicable Equipment Notes with the proceeds of the withdrawals of one or more Deposits made on the Applicable Closing Date in accordance with the terms of the Deposit Agreement and the Escrow Agreement.
Amounts withdrawn from such Deposit or Deposits in excess of the purchase price of the Equipment Notes or to the extent not applied on the Applicable Closing Date to the purchase price of the Equipment Notes, shall be re-deposited by the Trustee with the Depositary on the Applicable Closing Date in accordance with the terms of the Deposit Agreement.
In the event that, on or after the Applicable Closing Date, either party shall receive any payments or other funds due to the other pursuant to the terms of any of the Transaction Documents, then the party receiving such funds shall promptly forward such funds to the proper party.