Definition of Pool Fund Allocation

Pool Fund Allocation means the percentage of the Incentive Pool Fund that is allocated to each Participant with respect to any Performance Period. A maximum of 40% may be allocated to any single Participant. The total allocation may not exceed 100%.
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Examples of Pool Fund Allocation in a sentence

The maximum award for a Participant is equal to the Participants Pool Fund Allocation.
The Committee may delegate to officers and employees of the Corporation the authority to manage the day-to-day administration of the Plan including without limitation the discretionary authority to (i) administer and interpret the terms of the Plan, and (ii) amend the Plan only as necessary to reflect any ministerial, administrative or managerial functions; provided that any such amendment does not increase the Incentive Pool Fund or the Pool Fund Allocation.
The Pool Fund Allocation for each Participant may be reduced or eliminated by the Committee in its sole discretion; provided, however, that under no circumstances may the amount of the Incentive Pool Fund, or the Pool Fund Allocation to any Participant, be increased.
The maximum amount of a Participants Performance Award shall be equal to the Participants Pool Fund Allocation of the Incentive Pool Fund for the Performance Period.