Definition of PLM

PLM means PLM International, Inc., a Delaware corporation owned by MILPI.

Examples of PLM in a sentence

By: /s/ James A. Coyne ------------------------------------- James A. Coyne, Vice President PLM INTERNATIONAL, INC.
Company shall continue as the surviving corporation in the Merger (thereafter referred to as the "SURVIVING CORPORATION") under the laws of the State of Delaware under the name "PLM International, Inc." Throughout this Agreement, the term "COMPANY" shall refer to such entity prior to the Merger and the term "SURVIVING CORPORATION" shall refer to it in its status as the surviving corporation in the Merger.
On May 10, 2005 PLM shall apply any Varig Deposits then held and return any excess funds to Varig on the same date.
The total amount due by Varig to PLM for these items is $3,918,159.90, plus 5% interest (the "Modification Balance").
The name of the LLC shall be PLM CAL II LLC, or such other name as the Members may choose from time to time.