Definition of Pliant

  1. Pliant means Pliant Corporation, a Delaware corporation.

Examples of Pliant in a sentence

  1. The purpose of the Pliant Corporation 2006 Restricted Stock Incentive Plan (this Plan) is to promote the success of Pliant Corporation (the Corporation) and to increase stockholder value by providing an additional means, through the grant of the right to acquire shares of the Corporations Series M Redeemable Preferred Stock, no par value per share (the Restricted Stock or the Series M Preferred), to attract, motivate, retain and reward selected employees of the Corporation.
  2. Cancellation of Notes, Instruments, Debentures, Preferred Stock, Pliant Outstanding Common Stock and Other Pliant Outstanding Common Stock Interests.
  3. The guarantors of indebtedness under the original first lien notes indenture, prior to its amendment, pursuant to which the 11.35% senior secured notes were issued, were (i) Pliant Corporation International; (ii) Pliant Film Products of Mexico, Inc.; (iii) Pliant Packaging of Canada, LLC; (iv) Uniplast Holdings, Inc.; (v) Uniplast U.S., Inc.; (vi) Uniplast Industries Co.; and (vii) Pliant Solutions Corporation.

Definition of Pliant in Senior Secured Note

Pliant means Pliant Corporation, a Delaware corporation.