Definition of Polymer

Polymer means Skinvisible's proprietary and patented Invisicare(r) delivery system technology and further identified in Schedule A.
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Polymer means polymer meeting the specifications set out in Exhibit B attached hereto. [ * * * ]

Polymer means a chemical compound that consists of a large number of repeating monomer VOC.
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Examples of Polymer in a sentence

In connection with the Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q of Polymer Group, Inc.
FRAP/RAS Maximum Asphalt Binder Replacement (ABR) Percentage HMA Mixtures 1/, 2/ FRAP/RAS Maximum ABR % Ndesign Binder/Leveling Binder Surface Polymer Modified 3/, 4/ 30 50 40 10 50 40 35 10 70 40 30 10 90 40 30 10 1/ For Low ESAL HMA shoulder and stabilized subbase, the FRAP/RAS ABR shall not exceed 50 percent of the mixture.
In connection with the Quarterly Report of Protein Polymer Technologies, Inc.
I have reviewed the interim financial statements and interim MD&A (together, the "interim filings") of Intertape Polymer Group Inc.
In connection with the Annual Report on Form 10-K of Polymer Group, Inc.

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Polymer means Polymer Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation, a debtor and debtor-in-possession in the Chapter 11 Cases.
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