place of abode definition

place of abode means the place at which a declared member ordinarily resides;
place of abode. , in relation to a resident, means that resident’s place of abode for not less than 4 days during every week within a continuous period of 3 months;
place of abode means a place of stay, permanent or for some time, for which consideration is paid.

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place of abode means the location of a physical building, structure, or vehicle in which the taxpayer lives and sleeps. It is distinguishable from “domicile” in that an individual may have sev- eral residences (or abodes), but only one domicile, at any given time.

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  • Place of Work means the designated site or location where the Work products are to be finally or permanently constructed or installed;

  • Place of primary use means the street address representative of where the customer's use of the telecommunications service primarily occurs, which must be the residential street address or the primary business street address of the customer. For mobile wireless services, place of primary use must be within the licensed service area of the home service provider.

  • Nearest Place of Safety means a location determined by the Designated Security Consultant where:

  • Place of manufacture means the place where an end product is assembled out of components, or otherwise made or processed from raw materials into the finished product that is to be provided to the Government. If a product is disassembled and reassembled, the place of reassembly is not the place of manufacture.

  • Place of employment means an enclosed area under the control of a public or private employer that employees normally frequent during the course of employment, including, but not limited to, work areas, private offices, employee lounges, restrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, employee cafeterias, hallways, and vehicles. A private residence is not a "place of employment" unless it is used as a child care, adult day care, or health care facility;

  • Place of business means any bona fide office (other than a mere statutory office), factory, warehouse or other space which is occupied and used by the taxpayer in carrying on any business activity individually or through one or more of his regular employees regularly in attendance.

  • Place of Delivery means the place of delivery at which the supplier is responsible to deliver the material at the contract price as specified in the clause “Material- Specification: Price etc.

  • Place of Payment when used with respect to the Securities of any series, means the place or places where the principal of and any premium and interest on the Securities of that series are payable as specified as contemplated by Section 301.

  • Principal place of work means the fixed location to which an employee is required to report for employment duties on a regular and ordinary basis. If the employee is not required to report for employment duties on a regular and ordinary basis to a fixed location, "principal place of work" means the worksite location in this state to which the employee is required to report for employment duties on a regular and ordinary basis. If the employee is not required to report for employment duties on a regular and ordinary basis to a fixed location or worksite location, "principal place of work" means the location in this state at which the employee spends the greatest number of days in a calendar year performing services for or on behalf of the employee's employer.

  • Regular place of business means an office at which the taxpayer carries on its business in a regular and systematic manner and which is continuously maintained, occupied and used by employees of the taxpayer.

  • Registered Office means the registered office for the time being of the Company.

  • Established place of business means the place actually occupied either continuously or at regular periods by a dealer or manufacturer where the books and records are kept and the dealer’s or manufacturer’s business is primarily transacted.

  • Principal place of residence means the residential property where the beneficiary, and/or in the instances specified the spouse or a dependent child of such a person lives the majority of the time during the year – one hundred and eighty-three (183) days in the previous twelve (12) months.

  • Peace officer means a law enforcement official of a public

  • Place of public accommodation means any building or structure in which goods are supplied or services performed, or in which the trade of the general public is solicited.