Pests definition

Pests means Birds, Vermin and Insects.
Pests means any species, strain or biotype of plant, animal or pathogenic agent injurious to plants or plant products (harmful organisms);
Pests means pests as defined in Article 1(1) of Regulation (EU) No XXX/XXXX [Office of Publications, please insert number of the Regulation on protective measures against pests of plants];

Examples of Pests in a sentence

  • The EA is available from:U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection ServicePlant Protection and Quarantine Pests, Pathogens, and Biocontrol Permits4700 River Road, Unit 133Riverdale, MD 20737 health/ea/index.shtmlThe EA analyzed the following two alternatives in response to a request for permits authorizing environmental release of S.

  • The following are appropriate for conducting a Pest Program Survey in 2020.• Citrus Pest Survey• Honey Bees Survey• Phytophthora ramorum Nursery Survey• Khapra Beetle Survey• Walnut Twig Beetle / Thousand Cankers Survey Note: Emergency Program Pests: Single-pest surveys for new pests or those in a PPQ emergency program, e.g., Spotted Lanternfly, European Cherry Fruit Fly, should not be submitted to Goal 1 Survey.

  • Rural communities require information on supply of inputs, new technologies, early warning systems (droughts, Pests and diseases), Credit, Market prices and their competitors.

  • APHIS' authority for cooperation in this proposed program is based upon and complies with the Incipient and Emergency Control of Pests [Act] (1937), the Organic Act of the Department of Agriculture (1944), the Cooperation With State Agencies in the Administration and Enforcement of Certain Federal Laws Act (1962), and the Food Security Act of 1985.

  • Articles and conveyances are subject to inspection requirements as described in 7 CFR Part 330 - Federal Plant Pest Regulations; General; Plant Pests; Soil, Stone, And Quarry Products; Garbage and Part 352 - Plant Quarantine Safeguard Regulations.

More Definitions of Pests

Pests means any of the following:
Pests means rodents, birds, insects, plants, fungi, bacteria, or other animals or organisms that present a potential threat or contamination to cannabis plants and cannabis products.
Pests means any agent (animal, plant, insect, organism, or microorganism) targeted for elimination or control by a pesticide.
Pests means rodents, vermin or insects.
Pests means weeds, rodents, birds, insects, or other animals or organisms that present the threat of contamination to cannabis and cannabis products, especially drying, curing or processing of cannabis flower.
Pests or ‘harmful organisms’ means any species, strain or biotype of plant, animal or pathogenic agent injurious to plants or plant products;
Pests means mean undesirable arthropods (including certain insects, spiders, mites, ticks, and