Pension Regulations definition

Pension Regulations means the Regulations establishing the terms of the Lay Retirement Plan and providing for the administration thereof.
Pension Regulations means the Regulation Respecting Supplemental Pension Plans, as amended, replaced, restated or otherwise modified from time to time;
Pension Regulations means the Regulations made under section 4. b) of this Canon with respect to the Pension Plan;

Examples of Pension Regulations in a sentence

  • The claims are in respect of alleged unlawful discrimination arising from the Transitional Provisions in the Police Pension Regulations 2015.

  • This is a defined benefit scheme, the rules of which are set out in the Firefighters’ Pension Regulations.

  • The provisions set out in the Pension Regulations of Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP apply to the pension scheme of employees considered to be government employees within the meaning of the Dutch ABP Privatization Act (Wet privatisering ABP, Bulletin of Acts and Decrees 1995, no.

  • Under Pension Regulations, contribution rates are set to meet 100% of the overall liabilities of the fund.

  • The Pension Regulations require that the Council has regard to the proper advice of its expert independent advisers in relation to decisions affecting the Pension Fund.

More Definitions of Pension Regulations

Pension Regulations means all regulations enacted under the Pension Act from time to time, as amended from time to time;
Pension Regulations means Baroda U. P. Bank (Employees’) Pension Regulations.
Pension Regulations means The Pension Benefits Regulations, 1993 under the Pension Act;
Pension Regulations means the Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Pensions) Regulations (L.N. 56/1990),
Pension Regulations means (Name of the Bank) Employees (Pension) Regulations, 1993 governing the Pension Regulations in the Bank.
Pension Regulations means all Regulations in the Chennai Port Trust Pension Regulations and orders of the Central Government as may be issued from time to time to provide pensions, gratuity and commutation of pension, family pension and ex-graitia pension.
Pension Regulations means the Administration Regulations, the Benefits Regulations, the Local Government Pension Scheme (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2008 and the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 1997;