Partially dismantled definition

Partially dismantled means, but is not limited to, a motor vehicle meeting any of the following criteria:
Partially dismantled means, but not limited to, the following:
Partially dismantled means, but is not limited to, a vehicle meeting any of the following criteria:

Examples of Partially dismantled in a sentence

  • Partially dismantled vehicles, damaged vehicles, new and used parts, and discarded parts shall be stored within a completely enclosed building.

  • Partially dismantled vehicles, damaged vehicles, new and used parts, and discarded parts shall be stored within a completely enclosedbuilding.

  • Time Limit on Private Property: Partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked, junked or discarded vehicles cannot remain on private property longer than thirty (30) days; except that this subsection shall not apply with regard to a vehicle in an enclosed building; or to a vehicle in an appropriate storage place or depository maintained in the lawful place and manner by Manor Lands.

  • Partially dismantled equipment with ACMs identified can be listed as maybe containing further concealed ACMs.

  • Partially dismantled vehicles, damaged vehicles, new and used parts, and discarded parts shall be stored within a completely enclosed building or an open storage yard in compliance with the provisions of sub-section J.

  • Advises the Superintendent and senior leaders on the strategic management of security resources, producing a unified and integrated Security Enterprise.

  • Partially dismantled or damaged vehicles shall be stored within an enclosed building.

  • Partially dismantled equipment with ACMs identified can be listed as having additional suspect concealed ACMs present.

  • Partially dismantled or wrecked vehicles or equipment shall be screened to avoid visual unattractiveness.

  • It shall be the duty of the owner or operator to keep the premises free of hazards which include, but are not limited to, the following: Partially dismantled, wrecked, junked, discarded motor vehicles, boats or trailers;6 8/15/2022 Chapter 6 - Building and Building Regulations Section 6-41(a)(2) - Maintenance of exterior of premises.

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