Ministry Unit definition

Ministry Unit means any division of the Diocese constituting a separate geographical area (Parish) or sphere of ministry (Chaplaincy).
Ministry Unit means a Parish, Mission District, or Local Shared Ministry unit;
Ministry Unit means any local ministry and mission unit formed under the

Examples of Ministry Unit in a sentence

  • Bishop-in-Council shall determine the proportion of any financial or other obligation to be borne by any Ministry Unit affected by any alteration of boundaries.

  • Failure to follow these guidelines could result in back-charge for resolution.

  • Where a proposed alteration to a Chaplaincy’s sphere of ministry or responsibility would affect the ministry of another Chaplaincy or Ministry Unit, Bishop-in-Council may not make the alteration proposed unless it has received, or requested, a joint request from all effected Chaplaincies and Ministry Units.

  • Bishop-in-Council may not make any alteration to the boundaries of a Ministry Unit that would leave any part of the Diocese outside a Ministry Unit.

  • Change of Ministry Unit designation72A.1 A Ministry Unit that wishes to change its designation may make application to Bishop in Council to do so.

  • A Ministry Unit Council or responsible committee may, by submission, request Bishop-in-Council to alter the boundaries or responsibilities of the Ministry Unit.

  • Every determination by Bishop-in-Council of the boundaries of any Ministry Unit made in accordance with this Ordinance shall be conclusive.

  • The alteration of the boundaries or responsibilities of a Ministry Unit shall not be held to absolve the Ministry Unit from any existing obligation to contribute financially or otherwise to the Diocese.

  • Bishop-in-Council may not abolish or merge Ministry Units without prior consultation with the Members of the Church involved with the worshipping community that is the Ministry Unit.

  • If a Minister is not a member of the Long Service Leave Fund the Minister must advise the appointing or employing Ministry Unit.

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Ministry Unit means a ministry unit within the meaning of the

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