Paper cast vote record definition

Paper cast vote record means an auditable document that corresponds to the selection made on the voter’s ballot and lists the contests on the ballot and the voter’s selections for those contests. A paper cast vote record is not a ballot.

Examples of Paper cast vote record in a sentence

  • Paper cast vote record is a paper record of all votes cast by a single voter that can be directly verified by the voter.

  • Also known as marksense.overvote: Voting for more than the maximum number of selections allowed in a contestPpaper-based voting system: Voting system that records votes, counts votes, and tabulates the vote count, using one or more ballot cards or paper ballotspaper record: Paper cast vote record that can be directly verified by a voter.

Related to Paper cast vote record

  • Recorded Vote means a record, roll call vote.

  • Paper ballot means a paper that contains:

  • transferred vote means a vote derived from a ballot document on which a second or subsequent preference is recorded for the candidate to whom that ballot document has been transferred, and

  • Required Vote has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.2(b);

  • Eligible Voter means, for the purpose of voting in respect of Land matters under this Land Code, a Member who has attained eighteen (18) years of age on or before the day of the vote;

  • Scheme Record Time means the time and date specified as such in the Scheme Document, expected to be 6.00 p.m. on the Business Day immediately preceding the Effective Date or such other time as Codemasters and Take-Two may agree;

  • Uncertificated Lower-Tier Interests Any of the Class LA, Class LB, Class LC, Class LD and Class LE Uncertificated Interests.

  • Ballots means the ballots accompanying the Disclosure Statement upon which certain Holders of Impaired Claims entitled to vote shall, among other things, indicate their acceptance or rejection of the Plan in accordance with the Plan and the procedures governing the solicitation process, and which must be actually received on or before the Voting Deadline.

  • Uncertificated Lower-Tier Interest A regular interest in the Lower-Tier REMIC which is held as an asset of the Middle-Tier REMIC and is entitled to monthly distributions as provided in Section 5.02(a) hereof. Any of the Class 1-L Interest, Class 1-LIO Interest, Class 1-LPO Interest, Class 1-LS Interest, Class 1-LSES Interest, Class 2-L Interest, Class 2-LIO Interest, Class 2-LPO Interest, Class 2-LS Interest, Class 2-LSES Interest, Class 3-L Interest, Class 3-LIO Interest, Class 3-LPO Interest, Class 3-LS Interest, Class 3-LSES Interest, Class 4-L Interest, Class 4-LIO Interest, Class 4-LPO Interest, Class 4-LS Interest and Class 4-LSES Interest are Uncertificated Lower-Tier Interests.

  • e-voting means voting using either the internet, telephone or text message; “e-voting information” has the meaning set out in rule 24.2;

  • Scratch vote means to mark or punch the straight party ticket and then mark or

  • Uncertificated Accrued Interest With respect to each REMIC Regular Interest on each Distribution Date, an amount equal to one month’s interest at the related Uncertificated Pass-Through Rate on the related Uncertificated Principal Balance or related Uncertificated Notional Amount of such REMIC Regular Interest. In each case, Uncertificated Accrued Interest will be reduced by any Prepayment Interest Shortfalls and Relief Act Interest Shortfalls (allocated to such REMIC Regular Interests as set forth in Section 1.02).

  • Registered voter means any person who is maintained on the Virginia voter registration system. All

  • Active voter means a registered voter who has not been classified as an inactive

  • Case record means the permanent documentation of the assessment/investigation and the provision of social services to families and children maintained as hard copy files, electronic files, or as a combination of both.

  • list of eligible voters means the list referred to in rule 22.1, containing the information in rule 22.2;

  • Income Account Record Date and "Capital Account Record Date" shall mean the dates set forth under "Essential Information--Record Dates" in the Prospectus.

  • Aggregate Voting Interests The aggregate of the Voting Interests of all the Certificates under this Agreement. Agreement: This Trust Agreement and all amendments and supplements hereto.

  • Qualified voter means a person who is entitled to vote pursuant to the Constitution of Virginia and

  • Voting Record Date means the date for determining the eligibility of Members to vote at the Special Meeting.

  • Capital Account Record Date means the dates set forth under "Essential Information--Record Dates" in the Prospectus.

  • Subordinate Voting Shares means the subordinate voting shares in the capital of the Corporation;

  • Corporate Records means the corporate records of the Corporation, including (i) all constating documents and by-laws, (ii) all minutes of meetings and resolutions of shareholders and directors (and any committees), and (iii) the share certificate books, securities register, register of transfers and register of directors.

  • Outstanding Voting Stock means outstanding voting securities of the Company entitled to vote generally in the election of directors; and any specified percentage or portion of the Outstanding Voting Stock (or of other voting stock) is determined based on the combined voting power of such securities;

  • Multiple Voting Shares means the multiple voting shares in the capital of the Corporation;

  • subordinate voting security means a restricted security that carries a right to vote, if there are securities of another class outstanding that carry a greater right to vote on a per security basis;