over speeding definition

over speeding means: exceeding the authorised speed of the vehicle, defined as any period of more than 60 seconds during which the vehicle's measured speed exceeds the limit for setting the speed limitation device on the installation and use of speed limitation devices for certain categories of motor vehicles in the Community;

Related to over speeding

  • Operating Company Number (OCN means the numeric Company Code assigned by NECA identifying CLEC as a Resale or UNE provider.

  • Over 10% Owner means an individual who at the time an Incentive Stock Option is granted owns Stock possessing more than 10% of the total combined voting power of the Company or one of its Subsidiaries, determined by applying the attribution rules of Code Section 424(d).

  • Planned External Financed Generation Capacity Resource means a Planned External Generation Capacity Resource that, prior to August 7, 2015, has an effective agreement that is the equivalent of an Interconnection Service Agreement, has submitted to the Office of the Interconnection the appropriate certification attesting achievement of Financial Close, and has secured at least 50 percent of the MWs of firm transmission service required to qualify such resource under the deliverability requirements of the Reliability Assurance Agreement.

  • Day-ahead System Energy Price means the System Energy Price resulting from the Day- ahead Energy Market.

  • Peer support specialist means an individual who has experienced a severe and persistent mental illness and who has successfully completed standardized training to provide peer support services through the medical assistance program or the Iowa Behavioral Health Care Plan.

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel means diesel fuel that has a sulfur content of no more than fifteen parts per

  • Cloud Services means SAP’s then-current cloud services offered under and described in detail in the applicable SAP PartnerEdge Model.

  • Assisted living facility means any congregate residential setting that provides or coordinates

  • Opium poppy means the plant of the species Papaver somniferum L., except its seeds.

  • Day-ahead Congestion Price means the Congestion Price resulting from the Day-ahead Energy Market.

  • Beam scattering foil means a thin piece of material (usually metallic) placed in the beam to scatter a beam of electrons in order to provide a more uniform electron distribution in the useful beam.

  • Real-time System Energy Price means the System Energy Price resulting from the Office of the Interconnection’s dispatch of the PJM Interchange Energy Market in the Operating Day.

  • Planned Financed Generation Capacity Resource means a Planned Generation Capacity Resource that, prior to August 7, 2015, has an effective Interconnection Service Agreement and has submitted to the Office of the Interconnection the appropriate certification attesting achievement of Financial Close.

  • External beam radiation therapy means therapeutic irradiation in which the source of radiation is at a distance from the body.

  • Ramping Capability means the sustained rate of change of generator output, in megawatts per minute.

  • SRS means the scheme referred to by the Ministry of Finance as the Supplementary Retirement Scheme or such other scheme as shall replace or supersede the Supplementary Retirement Scheme from time to time.

  • Nominated Energy Efficiency Value means the amount of load reduction that an Energy Efficiency Resource commits to provide through installation of more efficient devices or equipment or implementation of more efficient processes or systems.

  • Capacity Market Seller means a Member that owns, or has the contractual authority to control the output or load reduction capability of, a Capacity Resource, that has not transferred such authority to another entity, and that offers such resource in the Base Residual Auction or an Incremental Auction.

  • Weapons system supplier means any prime contractor or first tier subcontractor engaged in, or having a known prospective interest in the development, production or analysis of any of the weapon systems, as well as any major component or subassembly of such system.

  • Base Capacity Resource Price Decrement means, for the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 Delivery Years, a difference between the clearing price for Base Capacity Resources and the clearing price for Capacity Performance Resources, representing the cost to procure additional Capacity Performance Resources out of merit order when the Base Capacity Resource Constraint is binding.

  • Assisted living care means a level of service provided by an assisted living facility for adults who

  • Go-Live means to commence the actual productive use of the Software in a Production Environment (as opposed to use of the Software in a Non-Production Environment such as a training, testing or development environment).

  • ARRC means the Alaska Railroad Corporation.

  • Specialty fertilizer means a fertilizer distributed primarily for nonfarm use.

  • Sustainability Structuring Agent means X.X. Xxxxxx Securities LLC, in its capacity as sustainability structuring agent hereunder.

  • Nutrient management plan means a plan developed or approved by the Department of Conservation and Recreation that requires proper storage, treatment and management of poultry waste, including dry litter, and limits accumulation of excess nutrients in soils and leaching or discharge of nutrients into state waters.