Official newspaper definition

Official newspaper means any newspaper designated by the Board pursuant to R.S.35:1-1 et seq.
Official newspaper means any newspaper designated by
Official newspaper means any newspaper designated by the contracting unit pursuant to R.S.35:1-1 et seq.

Examples of Official newspaper in a sentence

  • Official newspaper of the authority: A general circulation newspaper published in the counties of the authority.

  • May be used to comply with local regulation on Safety Data Sheets for hazardous substances and mixtures standard Official newspaper dated 13.12.2014- 29204.

  • That the Home News Tribune of Somerville, New Jersey be designated as the Official newspaper for publication of all legal notices affecting the College or the Board of School Estimate.

  • Designate the Farmers State Bank as the primary Legal depository for district funds and all other banks doing business in South Dakota as secondary legal depositories and to designate the Parkston Advance as the Official newspaper for district publications.

  • Steve and Cynthia Haynes, publishers Official newspaper of Oberlin, Jennings, Nor- catur, Dresden and Decatur County.

  • This resolution shall be printed once in this City’s Official newspaper.

  • The City Clerk or designee (“City Clerk”) shall advertise for the vacant Council position in the City’s Official newspaper once each week for two consecutive weeks.

  • The Council may hold a public hearing on the proposed improvement following two publications in the Official newspaper of a notice stating the time and place of the hearing, the general nature of the improvement, the estimated cost, and the area proposed to be assessed.

  • Burning them for energy damages the environment and contributes to climate change.

  • Approve the Official newspaper of the district the South Jersey Times for the calendar year.

More Definitions of Official newspaper

Official newspaper means the newspaper selected by a governing body under Subsection (4)(b) to publish its enactments.
Official newspaper means a newspaper of general circulation, published in the City not less than weekly, designated as an official newspaper of the City by the Council, provided that if there is no newspaper which meets these requirements, the Council may designate any other newspaper of general circulation generally circulated to residents of the City not less frequently than weekly; and
Official newspaper means any newspaper designated by the Board pursuantto R.S.35:1-1 et seq.
Official newspaper means any newspaper designated by the contracting unit pursuant to

Related to Official newspaper

  • Newspaper means a newspaper and other materials printed on newsprint.

  • Authorized Newspaper means a newspaper, printed in the English language or in an official language of the country of publication, customarily published on each Business Day, whether or not published on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, and of general circulation in each place in connection with which the term is used or in the financial community of each such place. Whenever successive publications are required to be made in Authorized Newspapers, the successive publications may be made in the same or in different Authorized Newspapers in the same city meeting the foregoing requirements and in each case on any Business Day.

  • Official Gazette means the Official Gazette of the Government;