Gazette definition

Gazette means the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Gazette;
Gazette means the periodical gazette referred to in Rule 32;
Gazette means the Government Gazette;

Examples of Gazette in a sentence

  • In accordance with Article 28, item 26, of the Administrative Fees Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia Nos., 106/10 – official consolidated text, 14/15 – ZUUJFO, 84/15 – ZZelP-J, 32/16 and 30/18- ZKZaš and 189/20 – ZFRO), no administrative fees are charged for applications under this Call for Applications.

  • Pursuant to the Dispatch number 205/2022, of 25 November 2022, published on the Official Gazette No. 47, I Serie, Sup., on 26 November 2022, Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A. was provisionally awarded with one concession for the operation of games of chance in casino.

  • Some of these now defunct precedents are examined in my article in the December 2016 edition of the Gazette of the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland, ‘Defective motor insurance, EU law, and victims’ rights’.

  • Susie Flaherty “Children could be dangerous carriers of virus”, The Harvard Gazette, October 14, 2021, available at:

  • Pursuant to the Dispatch number 222/2022, of 16 December 2022, published on the Official Gazette No. 50, II Serie, Sup.

More Definitions of Gazette

Gazette means the Malta Government Gazette or any other official journal substituted therefor published by order of the Government of Malta;
Gazette means and includes the London Gazette, the Edinburgh Gazette, the Dublin Gazette, the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette and the Government Gazette, Royal Gazette, or other official gazette of any State or Australasian colony;
Gazette means the South Australian Government Gazette;
Gazette means the Government Gazette of this scheme participant;
Gazette means the London Gazette;
Gazette means the Kenya Gazette published by authority of the national government, or a supplement to the Kenya Gazette;
Gazette means the Provincial Gazette where any publications are done or required to be done by an applicant or the Municipality in terms of this By-law as the context may indicate;