NY Green Bank definition

NY Green Bank means NY Green Bank, a division of the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, or any Affiliate thereof that succeeds to NY Green Bank’s rights and obligations under the NY Green Bank Loan Agreement.
NY Green Bank means NY Green Bank, a division of the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, or any Affiliate thereof that succeeds to NY Green Bank’s rights and obligations under the NY Green Bank Loan Agreement. [***] Confidential treatment has been requested for the bracketed portions. The confidential redacted portion has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Examples of NY Green Bank in a sentence

  • Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, and, in the event that notice of approval or disapproval is not received by the Contractor within thirty (30) days after receipt of request for approval by NY Green Bank, the requested change in Project Director shall be considered approved.

  • In the event that NY Green Bank requires additional time for considering approval, NY Green Bank shall notify the Contractor within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request for approval that additional time is required and shall specify the additional amount of time necessary up to thirty (30) days.

  • This Agreement embodies the entire agreement and understanding between NY Green Bank and the Contractor and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings relating to the subject matter hereof.

  • Any change of Project Director by the Contractor shall be subject to the prior written approval of NY Green Bank.

  • In such event, NY Green Bank may complete the contractual requirements in any manner it may deem advisable and pursue available legal or equitable remedies for breach.

  • The Contractor, at no additional cost to the NY Green Bank, shall maintain or cause to be maintained throughout the term of this Agreement, insurance of the types and in the amounts specified in the Section hereof entitled Types of Insurance.

  • All Contract Information shall be the sole and exclusive property of NY Green Bank.

  • The maximum aggregate amount payable by NY Green Bank to the Contractor shall be the amount appearing at Item 5 of page one of this Agreement.

  • Contract activity may resume at such time as NY Green Bank issues a written notice authorizing a resumption of performance under the Contract.

  • NY Green Bank may adjust amounts payable to correlate the proportion of NY Green Bank’s funding share paid to the proportion of the Work completed.

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  • Bank is defined in the preamble hereof.

  • Eye bank means a person that is licensed, accredited, or regulated under federal or state law to engage in the recovery, screening, testing, processing, storage, or distribution of human eyes or portions of human eyes.

  • Foreign Bank means an organization that (i) is organized under the laws of a foreign country, (ii) engages in the business of banking, (iii) is recognized as a bank by the bank supervisory or monetary authority of the country of its organization or principal banking operations, (iv) receives deposits to a substantial extent in the regular course of its business, and (v) has the power to accept demand deposits, but does not include the U.S. branches or agencies of a foreign bank;

  • HSBC means HSBC Auto Finance, Inc., HSBC Auto Credit Inc., HSBC Auto Accounts Inc. and certain affiliates of such entities.

  • The World Bank means the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) or the international Development Association (IDA).

  • banking institution means a bank, bank and trust company, trust company, savings bank, private bank, or a national banking association, organized and doing business under the provisions of any law of this state, or of any other state of the United States, or under the provisions of any law of the United States of America.

  • Wachovia means Wachovia Bank, National Association.

  • Region Manager means the designated DNR staff person responsible for managing the affairs of DNR in designated large geographic areas. The Region Manager may perform the duties of the Contract Manager.

  • Licensed financial institution means a financial institution issued a license under this act.

  • SBI / Bank means State Bank of India (client) a body Corporate created under SBI Act 1955, having one of its Circle Office at State Bank of India, III/1 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Bhubaneswar- 01 and includes the client’s representatives, successors and assigns.

  • Participating Financial Institution means a financial institution participating in Interac e-Transfer Services, Online Payment Services, or Western Union Services, as the case may be.

  • Branch manager means the natural person who is in charge of and who is responsible for the business operations of a branch office of a licensee.

  • Collection Bank means, at any time, any of the banks holding one or more Collection Accounts.

  • Canadian financial institution means (i) an association governed by the Cooperative Credit Associations Act (Canada) or a central cooperative credit society for which an order has been made under section 473(1) of that Act, or (ii) a bank, loan corporation, trust company, trust corporation, insurance company, treasury branch, credit union, caisse populaire, financial services cooperative, or league that, in each case, is authorized by an enactment of Canada or a jurisdiction of Canada to carry on business in Canada or a jurisdiction of Canada;

  • UK Financial Institution means any BRRD Undertaking (as such term is defined under the PRA Rulebook (as amended from time to time) promulgated by the United Kingdom Prudential Regulation Authority) or any person falling within IFPRU 11.6 of the FCA Handbook (as amended from time to time) promulgated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, which includes certain credit institutions and investment firms, and certain affiliates of such credit institutions or investment firms.

  • GS Bank shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • Selling Institution The entity obligated to make payments to the Issuer under the terms of a Participation Interest.

  • Intermediary bank means a bank to which an item is transferred in course of collection except the depositary or payor bank.

  • World Bank means the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

  • Clearing Bank means the Bank or any other banking institution with whom a Payment Account has been established pursuant to a Blocked Account Agreement.

  • Lock-Box Bank means any of the banks or other financial institutions holding one or more Lock-Box Accounts.

  • PNC Bank means PNC Bank, National Association.

  • your financial institution means the financial institution nominated by you on the DDR at which the account is maintained.

  • Nonparticipating Financial Institution means a nonparticipating FFI, as that term is defined in relevant U.S. Treasury Regulations, but does not include a [FATCA Partner] Financial Institution or other Partner Jurisdiction Financial Institution other than a Financial Institution identified as a Nonparticipating Financial Institution pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 5.

  • Eligible Financial Institution means, as of the date of any assignment as contemplated in Section 8.07(a)(i), a commercial bank or financial institution (i) with a credit rating on its long-term senior unsecured debt of either (a) “AA-” or better from S&P or (b) “Aa3” or better from Xxxxx’x; and (ii) having shareholders' equity of not less than $5,000,000,000.

  • foreign financial institution means an institution registered as a foreign financial institution with the Ministry of Finance in the Mexican Banking and Financial Institutions, Pensions, Retirement and Foreign Investment Funds Registry for purposes of Article 195, Section I of the Mexican Income Tax Law.