New Convertible Notes definition

New Convertible Notes means the Company’s 5.0% Senior Unsecured Convertible Notes due 2023.
New Convertible Notes means Emergent’s 5.0% Senior Unsecured Convertible Notes due 2023 issued pursuant to the New Convertible Note Indenture.
New Convertible Notes means the 9%/13% second-lien convertible payment-in-kind toggle Notes issued pursuant to the New Convertible Notes Indenture, in the initial aggregate principal amount as of the Effective Date of $35,000,000.

Examples of New Convertible Notes in a sentence

  • As promptly as practicable after the Closing Date (and in any event within thirty (30) days after the Closing Date) Emergent shall file a registration statement providing for the registration for resale under the Securities Act of the Shares, the Warrant Shares, the New Convertible Notes and the shares of Common Stock into which the New Convertible Notes may be converted (such registration statement, the “Registration Statement”).

  • Physical certificates representing the New Convertible Notes will not be issued pursuant to the Plan.

  • All New Senior Secured Notes, New Convertible Notes, New Common Stock, and New LP Units to be distributed under the Plan shall be issued on the Effective Date regardless of when the distribution of such instrument actually occurs.

  • The ERO New Common Stock and the New Convertible Notes will be registered with the CMF and on the Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago, Bolsa de Valores, and Bolsa Electrónica de Chile, Bolsa de Valores.

  • The New Convertible Notes contain two components, liability and embedded derivatives.

More Definitions of New Convertible Notes

New Convertible Notes means the $237,500,000 (as adjusted pursuant to Section 3.3(2)(b)) aggregate principal amount of 4.75% Senior Secured Convertible Notes due 2016 of Reorganized Spansion Inc. having the terms and conditions summarized on Exhibit A. The New Convertible Notes will be guaranteed by certain Affiliates of Reorganized Spansion Inc. and secured by a Lien on substantially all of the Property and Assets of the Reorganized Debtors and their domestic subsidiaries, subject only to the senior Liens of the Exit Financing Facility (solely respecting accounts receivable, inventory and deposit accounts of Reorganized Spansion LLC), New Senior Notes, the Secured Credit Facility (solely respecting the Class 1 Collateral) and Permitted Liens as defined in the New Convertible Notes Documents. The New Convertible Notes also may be converted into shares of New Spansion Common Stock at a purchase price per share equal to: (i) the Adjusted Plan Equity Value for Conversion Price Calculation; (ii) plus $100 million; (iii) divided by 50 million; (iv) multiplied by 115% (the “Conversion Price”).
New Convertible Notes means the Company’s 5.25% Convertible Senior Notes due 2019.
New Convertible Notes means the new 5.00% convertible senior unsecured notes issued by reorganized Aegerion and guaranteed by the Plan Investor pursuant to the New Convertible Notes Indenture in the aggregate principal amount of $125,000,000.
New Convertible Notes means the Company's 6% Convertible Subordinated Notes due 2010 in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $862,500,000.
New Convertible Notes means up to $287.5 million aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes issued by Plug Power on or prior to May 26, 2020; provided that to the extent any portion of such amount will be issued pursuant to a greenshoe option, such portion may be issued after May 26, 2020; provided further that that such notes shall not have (i) a final maturity date, amortization payment, sinking fund, mandatory redemption or other repurchase obligation or put right at the option of the lender or holder of such Indebtedness earlier than one hundred eighty-one (181) days following the Maturity Date under the Note (other than mandatory redemptions, repurchase obligations or put rights in connection with a change of control or fundamental change (it being understood that a holder’s option to convert any such notes into equity interests of Plug Power (and cash in lieu of fractional shares) and/or cash (in an amount determined by reference to the price of such equity interests shall not be considered a mandatory redemption, repurchase obligation or put right), (ii) any covenants that are more restrictive on Plug Power in any material respect than the covenants set forth in the Note or (iii) any other material terms (other than conversion premium and “make-whole” conversion rate adjustments) more favorable to the holder of such New Convertible Notes than the analogous material terms in the Note are to the Holder, including applicable interest rates;
New Convertible Notes means, collectively, the Notes and the New 2019 Convertible Notes.
New Convertible Notes means the Company’s 6.50% Senior Secured Convertible Notes Due 2009.