Navajo Nation definition

Navajo Nation. ’ or ‘‘Nation’’ means a body politic
Navajo Nation means the Navajo Nation, a federally recognized Indian tribe.
Navajo Nation or “Nation” means --

Examples of Navajo Nation in a sentence

  • The Navajo Nation will utilize a standard Professional Services Contract for the procurement of goods and services for this project.

  • The Navajo Nation Professional Services Contract will describe this section.

  • The Navajo Nation Professional Services Contract will provide all other legal and contractual obligations, terms, and requirements of this project.

  • This procurement and any RFP with respondents that may result shall be governed by the laws of the Navajo Nation and applicable federal law.

  • In addition, the Navajo Nation Business Opportunity Act will apply to the RFP.

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Navajo Nation means the Navajo Nation and each department, agency, and
Navajo Nation or “Nation” means a body politic and federally-recognized Indian nation 16 as provided for in Section 101(2) of the Federally Recognized Indian Tribes List 17 Act of 1994 (Public Law 103-454, 108 Stat. 4791), 79 Federal Register 4748 18 (January 29, 2014)), also known variously as the “Navajo Nation,” the “Navajo
Navajo Nation means Navajo Nation and its agencies, departments, and affiliates, including Navajo Tribal Utility Authority.
Navajo Nation means the NavajoNation, a federally recognized Indian Tribe.
Navajo Nation also means the government of the Navajo Nation, or signifies that some power of attribute of the Navajo Nation as a government is intended.
Navajo Nation means the Navajo Nation Government.
Navajo Nation means the Navajo Nation including in its capacities as sovereign, including each department, agency, and instrumentality of the Navajo Nation, as parens patriae, and as landowner, and it shall also mean the Natural Resource Trustee for the Navajo Nation;