Definition of MLP Change in Control

MLP Change in Control means any Person, entity or "group" (within the meaning of Section 13d or 14d of the Exchange Act), shall at any time have acquired the right to appoint more directors to the board of directors of the MLP General Partner than the Company and its Affiliates.
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Examples of MLP Change in Control in a sentence

The Change in Control Call Notice will set forth the aggregate consideration expected to be paid for the Series B Units subject thereto based on the expected closing date, subject to adjustment if the transaction closes on a different date in accordance with the definitive agreements relating to such Change in Control or MLP Change in Control.
Subject to the applicable Employee signing a release in a form and at a time approved by Parent, Parent shall (or shall cause one of its Affiliates to) provide severance benefits in accordance with the terms and conditions of the MLP Change in Control Severance Plan, a copy of which is set forth on Section 6.13(b) of the MLP Disclosure Letter.