Middle ear definition

Middle ear means the eardrum, malleus, incus, stapes, and eustachian tube.
Middle ear means the part of the ear that conducts sound to the inner ear, consisting of:

Examples of Middle ear in a sentence

  • Middle ear electromagnetic semi-implantable hearing device: results of the phase II SOUNDTEC direct system clinical trial.

  • Middle ear implant in conductive and mixed congenital hearing loss in children.

  • Middle ear implants for rehabilitation of sensorineural hearing loss: a systematic review of FDA approved devices.

  • Middle ear infections in pediatric patients: Treatment with amoxycillin.

  • Middle ear implants require a functional and intact middle ear system and both middle Individuals with bilateral severe and pro- found sensorineural hearing loss as discussed in these guidelines have a higher likelihood of having cochlear dead regions limiting their benefit from hearing technologies located pe- ripherally to the lesion—namely extracochlear technologies such as hearing aids, middle ear implants, and bone conducting hearing implants.

  • In fact, this notion of “guilt by association or collective guilt” is also used, mostly in USA, by Muslim-bashers for fund raising by spreading fear.

  • Middle ear cholesteatoma: characteristic CT findings in 64 patients.

  • Frank-ItoOBJECTIVES/SPECIFIC AIMS: Middle ear volume (MEV) is a clinically relevant parameter in the treatment of many common conditions including otitis media, tinnitus, and conductive hearing loss.

  • Middle ear changes can be influenced by the type of breastfeeding the infant is receiving.

  • Middle ear ventilation in children with primary ciliary dyskinesia.

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