Loan Due Date definition

Loan Due Date. With respect to a Mortgage Loan, the first day of each calendar month on which the Monthly Loan Payment with respect thereto is due, without giving effect to any subsequent change or modification by the Property Manager or Special Servicer pursuant to the Property Management Agreement or any bankruptcy or similar proceeding with respect to the Borrower.
Loan Due Date means the first to occur of (i) the thirtieth (30th) day following the Initial Closing or (ii) February 28, 2005.
Loan Due Date. With respect to a Mortgage Loan, the day of each calendar month on which the Monthly Loan Payment with respect thereto is due.

Examples of Loan Due Date in a sentence

  • The entire unpaid Principal Amount and any accrued interest shall become immediately due and payable upon the stated Loan Due Date.

  • If you wish to prepay all or part of a Loan together with any accrued interest and Charges prior to the applicable Loan Due Date, you must notify ADCB of your intention to prepay (and the amount that you wish to prepay) by notifying ADCB through any acceptable method of Customer Communication at least 15 days before the next Loan Due Date.

  • Any prepayment made will be non-refundable and you will not be entitled to redraw any such payment.Any prepayment will be subject to prepayment Charges.Following receipt of a prepayment notice as set out in the first paragraph above, ADCB will notify you of the total amount due to ADCB calculated to the next Loan Due Date including all accrued interest and Charges.Unless you instruct ADCB otherwise, ADCB will apply the prepayment in the order set out in Clause 4.1 of Section A.

  • Swing Loans shall be repaid on the Swing Loan Due Date or such earlier times as may be specified in this Agreement.

  • On or before the Loan Due Date, the full amount of the outstanding balance of principal and accrued interest shall be paid by Borrower to Lender in immediately available funds delivered by bank wire to an account designated in writing by Lender.

  • Servicer may deduct the Servicing Fee from collections on the Assets prior to depositing the collections into the Collection Account upon a payment received for Performing Loans or upon the passing of the scheduled Mortgage Loan Due Date for non-performing loans and, if not deducted prior to deposit, may withdraw the Servicing Fee from the Collection Account in accordance with Section 2.03(b).

  • Key elements of our strategy include: • Expanding our existing operations in the Cayman Islands, Belize and The Bahamas.

  • If either Repayment is made during the period from 16th June, 2022 to Loan Due Date or no Repayment is made on Loan Due Date, the Warrant shall become exercisable for 1,250,000 Warrant Shares for the period from either the date of Repayment or Loan Due Date to 15th June, 2025.

  • However, all interest accrued during the Final Interest Period shall be paid on the Single Loan Due Date.

  • If the Policy Owner decides not to renew the Policy Loan, the Policy Owner must notifythe Company in writing before the Policy Loan Due Date and repay the Outstanding Policy Loan Amount in full on or b efore the Policy Loan Due Date.

More Definitions of Loan Due Date

Loan Due Date. The loan due date will be the earlier of: (i) termination of employment with the Company, (ii) the date of any election to exercise a Company option held by the employee or (iii) the earliest option expiration date. On the loan due date the outstanding loan amount, including cumulative accrued interest, will be due. Interest: Interest will be accrued and compounded quarterly at the Applicable Federal Rate. The cumulative accrued interest will be due and payable at the loan due date.
Loan Due Date means the day on which the WFBC has caused to be made a demand loan to Borrower by the payment of a Drawing.

Related to Loan Due Date

  • Due Date The day of the month on which the Monthly Payment is due on a Mortgage Loan, exclusive of any days of grace.

  • Balance Due Date means the date set out in the registered mortgage or in an amending agreement on which the loan amount is payable in full and may also be referred to as the maturity date.

  • Bid Due Date means Bid Submission end date and time given in the E-tender

  • Loan Date means the date of the Loan Agreement as set forth in Exhibit A.

  • Term Loan A Maturity Date means the date that is the fifth anniversary of the Closing Date.

  • Term Loan Installment Date means any Term B Loan Installment Date or any Incremental Term Loan Installment Date.

  • Premium Due Date means date specified in the Schedule on which the Instalment Premium will become due.

  • Loan Repayment Date means the date a Loan is scheduled to be repaid, as confirmed pursuant to Clause 5.3(c) of this Agreement, which shall in no event be later than the Facility Repayment Date.

  • Payment Due Date means the date by which the Date of Payment must occur, in accordance with the provisions of Sections 504.3 through 504.5 of this Exhibit, in order for NYSERDA not to be liable for interest pursuant to Section 504.6.

  • Principal Prepayment Period The month preceding the month in which the related Remittance Date occurs.

  • Term Loan Repayment Date shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.09.

  • Default Interest Period means for any overdue amount of the Withdrawn Loan Balance, each Interest Period during which such overdue amount remains unpaid; provided, however, that the first such Default Interest Period shall commence on the 31st day following the date on which such amount becomes overdue, and the final such Default Interest Period shall end on the date at which such amount is fully paid.”

  • Loan Rate With respect to each Mortgage Loan, the annual rate at which interest accrues on such Mortgage Loan from time to time in accordance with the provisions of the related Mortgage Note.

  • Extended Repayment Date shall have the meaning provided in Section 2.5(c).

  • Applicable Maturity Date has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.25(a).

  • Balloon Loan A Mortgage Loan having an original term to stated maturity of approximately 15 years which provides for level monthly payments of principal and interest based on a 30-year amortization schedule, with a balloon payment of the remaining outstanding principal balance due on such Mortgage Loan at its stated maturity.

  • Bill Due Date means thirty (30) calendar days from the bill date.

  • Term Loan Rate means an interest rate per annum equal to (a) the sum of the Alternate Base Rate plus one half of one percent (.50%) with respect to the Domestic Rate Loans and (b) the sum of the Eurodollar Rate plus two and one quarter of one percent (2.25%) with respect to Eurodollar Rate Loans.

  • Maturity Payment Date means the date falling on the fifth Business Day following the Valuation Date, provided, however, that if the Reference Portfolio Return is not determined on such Valuation Date because the date at which the Reference Asset Return of one or more Reference Assets to be determined is postponed, then the Maturity Payment Date will be the fifth Business Day following the latest of such postponed dates at which the Reference Portfolio Return is determined; in each case where the Maturity Payment Date is so postponed, there will be no interest or other compensation made in respect of any such delay.

  • Term Loan B Maturity Date means the earliest of (a) May 24, 2014, or (b) such earlier date upon which the Outstanding Amounts under the Term Loan Facility, including all accrued and unpaid interest, are required to be paid in full in accordance with the terms hereof.

  • Subordinate Prepayment Percentage With respect to each Mortgage Pool and any Distribution Date, the difference between 100% and the related Senior Prepayment Percentage for such Distribution Date.

  • Loan Payment Date means any date on which any Bond Service Charges are due and payable.

  • Installment Due Date means, for any monthly installment of interest only or principal and interest, the date on which such monthly installment is due and payable pursuant to Section 3 of this Note. The "First Installment Due Date" under this Note is October 1, 2007.

  • Reinvestment Prepayment Date with respect to any Reinvestment Event, the earlier of (a) the date occurring twelve months after such Reinvestment Event and (b) the date on which the Borrower shall have determined not to, or shall have otherwise ceased to, acquire or repair assets useful in the Borrower’s business with all or any portion of the relevant Reinvestment Deferred Amount.

  • Permitted Prepayment Date means the Business Day after the second (2nd) anniversary of the first Payment Date

  • Principal Prepayment Amount For any Distribution Date and for any Loan Group, the sum with respect to the Mortgage Loans in such Loan Group of (i) Curtailments received during the Prior Period from such Mortgage Loans and (ii) Payoffs received during the Payoff Period from such Mortgage Loans.